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How Relocators is Leveraging Two Business Segments

As featured in Charles N. Internicola's Business and Franchise Law Report

Entrepreneurs That Kick Ass How Robert Esposito is leveraging both his moving and estate sale businesses while launching his franchise.

Relocators In the next couple of months, we will be talking about Relocators, a growing moving company. Relocators founder Rob Esposito (the photo is of Rob with his official Entrepreneurs Kick Ass® Shirt) has established a business model that leverages two separate businesses. Relocators provides professional moving and storage services. But in addition to their traditional moving services, Relocators also offers estate sale services. Turns out that estate sale services and moving services go hand in hand and create great lead generation opportunities for both businesses. Rob has taken two separate business segments and offers services that turn out to be a win-win for both Relocators and its customers.

In the next number of weeks, Relocators will be launching their franchise system and we look forward to discussing more about Relocators service offerings and the support systems that Rob and his team have been establishing to support their future franchisee partners.

The great thing about Rob is that when you talk to him about Relocators, he is focused on a 5 year strategic plan for making Relocators a compelling brand.

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