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StormRooms of New Jersey

From Paratrooper to Seasoned Executive to Entrepreneur

As featured in the Business & Franchise Law Report

Entrepreneurs That Kick Ass We have been fortunate to represent Vincent Cerio and his team in their launch and rollout of StormRooms of New Jersey. StormRooms of New Jersey is the only authorized dealer of DuPont™ StormRoom™ with Kevlar®. Basically, Vincent and his team create safe rooms in homes and businesses that are capable of withstanding severe weather events and other threats. They take basic rooms like closets, bedrooms, computer server rooms, wine cellars and other strategic rooms and make them almost impenetrable.

StormRooms of NJ Vincent has a compelling story about how he went from a seasoned business executive in corporate America to starting his own business in the fledgling safe room industry. When you talk to Vincent it all makes sense and all starts with his military experience. Vincent is a military veteran who in his earlier years was a Paratrooper responsible for implementing security procedures and systems. So how did Vincent end up establishing StormRooms of New Jersey? Well, Vincent wanted to create his own company and based on his military experiences and his interest in security and security systems Vincent was drawn to the concept of creating "safe rooms" for consumers and businesses.

What makes Vincent's story really interesting is that he sought to create and establish this business from the ground up - motivated by his military background and tragic events like 9/11 and Superstorm Sandy, Vincent decided that the Northeast United States needed and would be receptive to safe room options. Vincent dove right in and aggressively reached out to DuPont to license and become the only authorized dealer and installer of DuPont™ StormRooms™ with Kevlar® in the State of New Jersey. It is always interesting to speak with Vincent and observe the dedication and diligence that he brings to his business and serving customers with a product that he believes in.

You can learn more about Vincent's story and what StormRooms of New Jersey is all about by watching the video above.

If you are interested in learning more about StormRooms of New Jersey and how they can convert a bedroom, closet, wine cellar and really any residential or sensitive commercial room into a storm and ballistics safe room, call (732) 303-1735.

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