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Uncle Louie G

A Growing Brand Based on Old School Values

As featured in Charles N. Internicola's Business and Franchise Law Report

Entrepreneurs That Kick Ass When evaluating what creates a successful brand and business, I always find that success has so much more to do with the people behind the brand than the actual products and services themselves. To be certain, your products and services need to be exceptional as consumers would expect nothing less but success and brand growth and expansion of a business almost always comes down to execution and the people behind the brand. Over time, great brands begin to reflect the people and team behind them.

Photo: Dino Russo as featured in Crain's New York Business

Uncle Louie G Gourmet Italian Ices is a great example of how smart entrepreneurs have taken a great brand and an amazing product and have, from the ground up, grown to a network of over 50 outlet locations and they continue to grow. Years ago when they took over the company, Dino Russo and Pete Scalici insisted on keeping their operations in New York City and maintaining their own production facility where they could directly control and preserve the quality of their ices and ice cream. When it came to production of their products and even the possibility of outsourcing production, they could have saved some money but maintaining product quality has always been a key component to the commitment that Dino and his team have made to their customers and their franchisee partners.

"Shark Tank" appearance on ABC's The View

In terms of unit expansion, rather than adopting an aggressive and "marketing driven" sales strategy, Dino and Pete focused on building relationships and have taken a very "old school" approach. Their focus has been establishing a solid foundation of outlet locations that have grown from a network of licensees and franchisees who are fans of the brand and product and who actively sought out the opportunity to partner with them. On top of the strategic growth that Uncle Louie G has achieved, the Uncle Louie G story has led to great public relations opportunities with appearances on The View's mini - Shark Tank, Good Day New York, NBC 4 New York, Grub Street, Crain's New York Business and more.

Having already established a solid foundation, for 2016 key features to the Uncle Louie G franchise offering, include:

  • 0% Royalties. Rather than charging their franchisees royalties, they are focused on just supplying great product.
  • Multiple Units. Franchisees are offered the opportunity to establish up to three operating units: Retail stores, kiosks, or mobile concession trailers.

Uncle Louie G - Serious EatsThe most compelling part of the Uncle Louie G story is that the brand and the business itself reflects the old school values of New York City. Values focused on great products, pride in what they produce and an anti-corporate culture that is focused on relationship building, hand shakes and doing things their own way.

We are proud to be working with the Uncle Louie G Team.

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