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Client Reviews - Franchising

Charles Internicola Knows Franchise Law and What is Best for His Clients

There's a reason that I included a couple of paragraphs from Charles in my franchise book.

It's because he cares.

Charles is a New York franchise attorney, and that alone automatically puts him in a certain place. A place of toughness. And, that's a good thing, especially if you're a franchisor, and you need some tough love because your franchise contract is week. Or, cloudy.

Charles is all about protection. And, it's not just franchisors that he protects. If you're a franchisee, he'll do battle for you too.

Joel Libava

Franchise Selection Specialists, Inc.
The Franchise King
Author of "Become a Franchise Owner: The Start-Up Guide to Lowering Risk, Making Money, And Owning What You Do"

Charles Internicola: A Lawyer Who Knows About Franchising

I inquired for Charles to interview the CEO of my security guard company about franchising, he was personable and asked great questions. He knows the franchising business like the back of his hand! Would use him again for franchising tips and advice, thank you again Charles!

- Teja, guardNOW

"…knows franchising like the back of his hand"

"Simply the best."

I have been working with Charles and Brian for my Franchise business (Area Developer for NJ) and they are simply the best, easy to work with, knowledgeable, professional, responsive and expert in their field. It is like working with a family member. Even though when I wanted to have a long-term contract with them and, for sure, I will not hesitate to have one when I need, they were honest to let me know that, for now, I did not need one and saved my money. They understood our concerns very well and also provided valuable guidelines when I fell short of knowledge, considering that I am new to franchise business. I am glad that I found Charles and his team and it has been absolutely wonderful working with them. They closed the deal for us in a timely manner, negotiated with the franchisor very well and protected our rights like no one else can do. I would definitely recommend Charles for anyone who is looking for business/franchise lawyer. You will not repent!!!

Focus and Dedicated Franchise Lawyer

If you are looking for a lawyer who focuses on Franchising Law, look no further than Charles Internicola. His focus and dedication to a highly complex area of law is second to none. Charles takes the time to answer your questions and address the complex details of Franchise and business law.

- Ty Wilson, Esq., Atlanta, GA

"Focus and dedication second to none…"

Expert Business and Franchise Law Attorneys

Charles has been an outstanding resource and I don't think I could possibly offer strong enough praise for the service that he has provided. Although his subject matter expertise is truly impressive, I have to say that he's tied with his associate, Brian Lincer, as my absolute favorite attorney to work with of all time. He has truly been a pleasure to work with and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a business or franchise attorney.

- Marta Goldman

"Subject Matter Expertise is Truly Impressive…"

Exceptional and Well Respected Franchise Lawyer

Charles Internicola is an exceptional attorney and he is well-respected among his peers. There are no reasons not to take advantage of his expertise in your litigation matters.

- Brent Adams, Esq., Raleigh, North Carolina

"An exceptional attorney…"

Thorough and Impressive Lawyer for Franchising a Business

Charles goes to great lengths at making sure clients, and potential clients, have all of the information they need in deciding whether to enter into franchise agreements, as well as other business related questions that arise in making such an important decision. I have been involved with Charles in legal discussions as to how best to serve clients and have always been impressed at how focused he is on making sure his clients stay well informed about the legal matter he is working on for them and which is probably the most important thing going on in his client's life at that time. I would recommend any friend or family member who wished to consider franchising a business to hire Charles Internicola.

- Timothy Miley, Esq., Clarksburg, WV

"He Makes Sure His Clients Stay Well Informed…"

Professional Attorneys Keeping Your Mind at Ease

The Internicola Law Firm has been great. It was very seamless, there were no problems, they keep your mind at ease. Very professional.

- Michael Burke, Deninos

"It was very seamless…"

Michael Burke

Attorneys With Real Experience and Practical Know-How

We met with Charles Internicola and he was a guy like us - a hard working guy and a franchisor that had real experience. Real, practical know-how as to set our franchise up...They're the kind of people we want to be in business with.

- Bob Levitt, Lobster Joint

"People we want to be in business with…"

Bob Levitt
Lobster Joint

Law Firm That Cares Who Their Client Are

The Internicola Law Firm immediately went to work, they listened to who we are, we had awesome, meaningful conversations. I really felt like they cared about knowing who we were and I think the heart of that comes out in our franchise documents.

Ryan Parsons and Ken Parsons, The Brothers that just do Gutters

"I really felt like they cared about knowing who we were…"

Ryan Parsons and Ken Parsons
The Brothers that just do Gutters

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