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Will You Use A Generic Cut And Paste FDD When Franchising My Business?

The Internicola Law Firm's Stance on FDD Development

The Internicola Law Firm, P.C. maintains the belief that it is not a good practice to use a generic cut and paste method when dealing with a franchise disclosure document (FDD). The franchise disclosure document is an important foundation for the franchise development process and includes information such as what your franchise business is about, how territories will be identified, how exclusivity may or may not be afforded and how the supply chain will work. Due to the important nature of an FDD we believe it is very important to use a customized FDD and not a generic FDD.

Generic FDD vs. Customized FDD

With a generic cut and paste FDD the franchisor runs the risk of experiencing franchise expansion issues and franchise litigation issues. While this type of FDD may seem to be less expensive and "enough to get by" it will inevitably not cover your business on issues specific to your business and situation.

The majority of times that unnecessary problems arise with a franchise it can be traced directly back to the franchise development process. Having an FDD specifically designed for your business can greatly reduce a franchisor's risk of litigation. A well designed FDD is priceless when viewed through the lens of a franchisor who may be currently experiencing unnecessary problems and litigation.

Protect Your Business When Franchising

For information about our Franchise Launch Program which includes the cost of developing an FDD for your business call 1-800-976-4904 or contact us online.

Charles Internicola

by Charles Internicola
National Business and Franchise Lawyer

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