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How Does a Franchisor Make Changes to an FDD?

Making changes to your FDD - as a franchisor - should be viewed as an on-going process and as part of an on-going franchise compliance program. One of the primary franchise compliance obligations that a franchisor possesses is to maintain and (where appropriate) register its FDD. At a minimum level your FDD must be updated and renewed on an annual basis and within 90 days of the close of your fiscal year. However FDD changes and renewal must occur sooner than annually if a material change has occurred.

Without a current FDD the franchise sales process comes to a halt so it is critical to maintain a franchise compliance program that is focused on making your FDD renewals and changes a seamless process. Learn more about Mr. Internicola's "General Counsel Program for Franchisors" and how your FDD renewal process may become seamless and always on time.

Charles Internicola

by Charles Internicola
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