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When Should I Speak To A Franchise Lawyer?

There are many situation a franchise lawyer may be needed. Some of the most common situations when you should speak to a franchise lawyer are:

  • Purchasing a franchise - a franchise lawyer will review the franchise disclosure documents given to you by the franchisor and will also review (and if necessary) propose changes to the franchise agreement prior to purchasing the franchise.
  • Franchising a business - a franchise lawyer will work with your current systems to help structure a well-built franchise model and will create all of the documents necessary to sell your franchise on a federal and state level.
  • Creating compliance programs - being a franchisor can become very involved and it can be hard to keep up with federal and state franchise regulations and minimizing your exposure to litigation all while running a successful franchise. A franchise compliance program allows the franchise lawyer to alleviate some of the responsibilities concerning regulations off of the franchisor.

If you would like more information about how a franchise lawyer can help with your specific situation contact our firm at 1.800.976.4904.

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