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The Franchise Counsel Program for Emerging Franchisors

A planning, support and legal compliance program that will help you accelerate and grow your franchise system.

How do you go from start-up or emerging franchisor to a thriving franchise system?

How do you manage and nurture your franchise system with today's budget, but without compromising future growth and without subjecting your system to unnecessary legal and regulatory risks that all too often arise for emerging franchisors?

How do you differentiate your franchise system from the many others that never get off the ground or that are built for temporary success?

Like the success of your franchisees and future franchisees, the success of your franchise system requires a dedicated plan of action that is achievable and capable of implementation.

The Franchise Counsel Program - created and managed by Charles N. Internicola, a national franchise lawyer who is also the managing member of an emerging franchise system - will help your system achieve stable and long-term franchise success. This affordable fixed fee program is designed for emerging franchise systems like yours and Charles' and will allow your franchise system to leverage and benefit from the very best practices in the franchise industry. The program includes legal compliance, franchise consulting and, for start-up franchisors, a level of franchise sales marketing support and media development - all at a manageable and cost effective monthly fee that is scalable to the scope, size and level of development of your franchise system.

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A Note from Franchise Lawyer and Franchisor Charles N. Internicola

Like You, I am also an emerging franchisor and that is why I created this program.
In addition to being a franchise lawyer for over two decades, three years ago our team acquired a small but national emerging franchise system. Our team continues to develop and build our emerging franchise system and over the past three years my experiences as a franchisor (in addition to being a franchise lawyer) have made one thing abundantly clear: that emerging franchisor require a level of legal support and industry expertise that for far too long has been out of reach. So, we created The Franchise Counsel Program which was developed based on real world legal and franchise industry experience and know-how and designed specifically for emerging franchise systems like yours.

To learn more about how The Franchise Counsel Program can help your system accelerate and grow, give us a call and let's talk. Reach out to our Client Services Director, Samantha Surowiec at (800) 976-4904 or contact us by email.

The Benefits:

Continuous Coverage that is Cost Effective

By working together the program allows us to continuously monitor, maintain and manage your franchise compliance program. Since we are with you every step of the way, it is much easier and cost effective for us to ensure that your FDD remains in compliance, represents the very best in franchising practices and, most important of all, reflects your franchise system, your development goals and keeps your system ready to sell.

Our Team Becomes a Part of Your Team

No matter the size of your system, The Franchise Counsel Program allows you to tap into and utilize our franchising infrastructure and resources. Our entire legal team - on an on-going and on-demand basis - will work on behalf of your system toward renewing and registering your FDD, preparing and reviewing your franchise agreements, negotiating franchise agreement addendum, reviewing franchise system vendor agreements, delivering electronic FDD's, maintaining compliance files, reviewing and responding to franchisee compliance issues.

On Demand Daily Access

Our Franchise Counsel Clients are our absolute priority and so you will have daily on-demand access to our entire team, including Charles N. Internicola. If we can assist we will and any questions that you and your team have - well, we are there on a daily basis and provide legal assistance.

Marketing System Support

For smaller systems our team will assist with the initial development of your franchise sales materials and systems. Our support includes design and preparation of your franchise sales opportunity guide (click here to see some of our work), promotional video featuring your franchise system and your entrepreneurial story (click here to see some of our videos) broker one sheets and even direct mail postcards to communicate with brokers. For larger systems we are glad to offer a level of marketing support, depending on your needs.

Planning and Strategy Sessions

Franchise success is very much a process that involves continuous improvements. So, no less frequently than monthly we have a franchise system conference call with each of our Franchise Counsel Clients. The calls are important for aligning our goals and sharing our industry know-how, experiences and to work with you in planning out the growth of your franchise system.

Problems Avoided

The best problems are those that are avoided and the ones you never know about. One benefit of the franchisor counsel program is that through this system and process, as an emerging franchisor, you will be avoiding current and future problems that have taken so many franchise systems off track and, even, off line.

No Hourly Fees and No Long Term Commitment

Gone are hourly fees and in it's place is open communication, productive action, and a completely manageable and predictable fee structure. Better yet there are no long-term commitments, so if you aren't getting amazing value, you can simply cancel your on-going representation.

Services Include:

1. Franchise Assessment and Planning Sessions

  • Maintain your FDD registrations and filings.
  • Update your FDD registrations and filings.
  • Register your FDD registrations and filings.
  • Renew your FDD registrations and filings.

2. FDD Maintenance and Improvement

  • Ensure that your FDD and franchise agreement remain consistent with your current development plans.
  • Serve as an asset to the sales process.
  • Develop your Item 19 Financial Performance Representations.
  • Update your Item 19 Financial Performance Representations.

3. Franchise Compliance

  • Completely manage your franchise compliance program.
  • Prepare, renew and maintain your state registrations and ensure your system is and remains in compliance and ready to sell.

4. Franchise Agreement Preparation and Negotiations

  • Prepare your franchise agreements for execution.
  • Negotiate with attorneys for prospective franchisees.
  • Draft and prepare franchise agreement addendums.
  • Maintain compliance records for every franchisee.

5. Franchisee Relationship Management

  • We work with your team on franchisee compliance issues
  • Satisfy franchisee legal requests
  • Develop, implement and monitor a compliant franchise sales process for your team

6. Marketing System Support

  • Design and develop your Franchise Opportunity Guide
  • Promotional video featuring your franchise system and entrepreneurial story
  • Develop your Broker One-Sheets
  • Develop direct mail postcards to communicate with brokers

Plus Much More Including

  • State specific registrations and renewals (nationwide)
  • Developing and implementing your area development and master franchise program
  • Structuring distribution agreements with approved suppliers
  • Protecting your intellectual property, including trademarks and trade secrets
  • Structuring financing facilities and alternative sources of capital
  • General corporate counseling
  • Representation in franchise related litigation

Our Guarantee

We believe in "raving fan" service and if you do not find the value of this program and our services to be compelling, you can cancel your Franchise Counsel Program at any time during the first three months of service.

Learn More: Schedule a Complimentary Emerging Franchisor Planning and Strategy Session

Complete the information below and we will confidentially review your FDD, information, and schedule a 1 hour Planning and Strategy Session with Charles N. Internicola for free.

What Our Clients Say

"We met with Charles Internicola and he was a guy like us - a hard working guy and a franchisor that had real experience. Real, practical know-how as to set our franchise up…They're the kind of people we want to be in business with."

- Bob Levitt, Lobster Joint

"The Internicola Law Firm has been great. It was very seamless, there were no problems, they keep your mind at ease. Very professional."

- Michael Burke, Deninoʼs

"The General Counsel Program with The Internicola Law Firm has been a blessing, really. Everything I've needed so far has been included within the General Counsel Program without question and with a response time that a big client may receive. If I had to do it all over again, I would select the same company, the same law firm and the same program."

— Vincent Cerio, StormRooms

Let Us Help You Accelerate and Grow Your Franchise System

Learn more about the Franchise Counsel Program and how it can benefit your franchise system. Call us at (800) 976-4904 or contact us for more information by emailing:

Franchise Counsel Program
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