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We’ll Help You Grow Your Franchise

As you grow your franchise system, you are going to face new challenges. How do you manage state registrations, renewals, and compliance the right way? How do you expand internationally? Do you need to change the legal structure of your system? Are you benefitting from development strategies that help you sell franchises? How do you go from 10 franchisees to 250 franchisees? What team should you build to help you grow?

Over the last 20 years, our team has helped numerous emerging brands stay ahead, avoid missteps, and reach their full potential.

Franchise Growth Services Built for Emerging Brands

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with law firms, franchise development companies, and so-called "experts" that just don’t put your brand first. That’s why we’ve put together legal and franchise support solutions built specifically for emerging brands, to help you cover your blind spots and win at franchising.

  • Legal Services
    We evaluate your franchise system, its strengths and its weaknesses.
  • Growth Strategies
    Together we will craft a winning strategy specific to your brand, your FDD, and all your legal needs.
  • Continued Support
    As you sell franchises and grow your system, we will be with you every step of the way with the right support and protection for your system.

If you are ready to maximize your franchise growth, call us today.

We Cover Everything

  • FDD State Registrations, Filings, and Renewals
  • Ongoing FDD Maintenance, Refinement, and Modifications
  • Annual FDD Updates
  • Franchise Agreement Preparation and Negotiations
  • Item 19 Financial Performance Representations
  • Trademark Registration, Maintenance, and Protection
  • Business Transactions
  • Franchise Sales Compliance
  • Implement and Monitor Franchisee Compliance Records
  • Coordination with Other Legal Counsel and Accounting Professionals
  • Convert Your License to a Franchise
  • Advisor Counseling
  • Continued Education
  • Competitive Structuring
  • Planning Sessions
  • And so much more...

Cover Your Franchise Blind Spots

  • Your FDD Is Not Compliant
    Most FDDs miss the mark and are not compliant with federal law or they violate state-specific regulations. As a franchisor, lacking FDD compliance is a dangerous risk.
  • Mismanaged State Registrations
    Delays in registering your FDD cost you money through lost sales and increase the likelihood of violating state laws.
  • Mismanaged Franchisee Compliance
    Did you know that many states have franchise relationship laws that can potentially override your franchise agreement and create serious risk if you don’t abide by these laws when dealing with franchisees?
  • Delayed Planning
    The time to plan next year’s FDD is now. Franchise success requires a continuous improvement process focused on timely FDD updates, including the implementation of Item 19 and structural enhancements to your franchise system.

Don’t let these blind spots keep you from winning with your franchise.

"Charles Internicola and his entire staff are a very large part of our success. When it came time to align ourselves with an attorney who would meet all of our needs, The Internicola Law Firm was the perfect fit."
Jason Mazzarone

"The Internicola Law Firm has been one of the best decisions we made for our start-up franchise. They go well beyond just helping us from a legal perspective. They are truly a trusted partner!"
Laura Coe

"Internicola Law Firm handles all of The Warrior Factor Franchise material. They work quick and efficient. Super-fast turnaround time. If you're on the fence, lean towards using them!"
Christopher Fantauzzo
The Warrior Factory

Franchise Counsel Program

Get the legal support you need to grow your business with our all-inclusive Franchise Counsel Program. All services listed above are included in this program. Let our legal team cover every aspect of your franchise for a fixed monthly fee so you can work on what’s important to you.

Up-Front, Honest Pricing

  • Fixed Monthly Fee
    When you need ongoing legal and strategic support, our team is there for you with an up-front, fixed monthly fee.
  • Project Based Pricing
    Our fixed, project-based pricing means that you only pay for the services that you actually need.

Winning at Franchising Starts with a Phone Call

Expand your franchise the right way - call our team today and set up a free consultation. Our Franchise Growth Services have worked for numerous emerging brands and can work for you.

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