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Illinois Franchise Registration

Illinois is a Franchise Registration State. The initial FDD filing fee is $500 and the annual FDD renewal fee is $100.

Illinois Franchise Law

Illinois is a franchise registration state. Before offering or selling a franchise, you must register your FDD with the Franchise Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. The Illinois Attorney General is responsible for enforcing Illinois’s franchise laws, which are known as the Illinois Franchise Disclosure Act. Your Illinois FDD and FDD registration must be updated and renewed no less frequently than annually, within the earlier of the one-year anniversary of your FDD registration or 120 days from the end of your fiscal year.

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Illinois Franchise and FDD Registration FAQs

Who Regulates Franchises in Illinois?

The Franchise Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General regulates and oversees enforcement of the Illinois Franchise Disclosure Act, including mandatory FDD registration requirements and compliance with Illinois’s franchise relationship laws.

What Should I Include with My FDD Registration Application?

Your initial FDD registration application should include the following forms and documents:

  • Filing fee of $500 payable to the State of Illinois;
  • Cover letter stating the name of the applicant;
  • Uniform Franchise Registration Application Page;
  • Supplemental Information Page;
  • Sales Agent Disclosure Form for each sales agent employment by or affiliated with the applicant;
  • Uniform Consent to Service of Process naming the Illinois Attorney General as agent to receive service, with corporate, individual, or partnership acknowledgment;
  • Certification Page;
  • Auditor's consent letter granting consent to use each audited report in the registration; and
  • Uniform Franchise Offering circular in duplicate, current within 120 days and in compliance with UFOC Guidelines. Updated information pertaining to Items 20 or 21 may be submitted as an exhibit without changing the information already in these items.

What Are the Fees for Franchise Applications in Illinois?

Initial FDD Registration Fee - $500

Renewal FDD Registration Fee - $100

Where Do I Mail My FDD Registration Application?

Your FDD registration application should be mailed to the following address:
Franchise Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General

500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62706.

The telephone number for the Franchise Bureau is (217) 782–4465.

How Long Will It Take for My Registration Application to Be Approved?

Once your registration application is fully submitted, a Franchise Examiner will be assigned to review your application and the disclosures contained in your FDD. Illinois examiners are quite thorough in their review of FDDs and FDD applications.

Once your application is received by the Franchise Bureau, a Franchise Examiner will be assigned to your application and you should expect an initial response within 21 days. The initial response that you will receive from your assigned Franchise Examiner will, most likely, advise you of FDD revisions required by the Examiner. Many of these revisions will relate to Illinois’s Franchise Disclosure Act and the requirements of Illinois’s franchise relationship laws. Upon satisfaction of the Examiner’s conditions, you will receive a written notice acknowledging that registration is granted. The Examiner’s notice will also advise you of the registration effective date and the registration renewal date.

Ultimately, the length of time it will take for your registration application to be approved will depend on the completeness of your FDD and how timely you respond to the Examiner’s comments. Typically, you should expect the process to take 8 weeks.

What Franchise Transactions Require Illinois FDD Registration?

Illinois FDD registration requirements and the Illinois Franchise Registration Disclosure Act apply where either: (a) the franchisee resides in Illinois (even if the franchised business will be located outside the state of Illinois), or (b) the offer of the franchise is made or accepted in Illinois and the franchised business is or will be located within the state.

Does Illinois Have Franchise Relationship Laws?

Yes. The Illinois Franchise Registration Disclosure Act includes franchise relationship provisions that govern the relationship between franchisor and franchisee and that prohibit certain actions on the part of the franchisor. Some franchisor-franchisee relationship issues governed by the Illinois Franchise Registration Disclosure Act include:

  • Trade Associations - In Illinois, it is illegal for a franchisor to prevent or restrict a franchisee from joining a trade association;
  • No Disparate Treatment - In Illinois, it is illegal for a franchisor to “unreasonably and materially discriminate between franchisees operating a franchised business located in [Illinois] in the charges offered or made for franchise fees, royalties, goods, services, equipment, rentals or other advertising services, if such discrimination will cause competitive harm to a franchisee who competes with a franchisee that received the benefit of the discrimination….” Exceptions to this rule are limited, but do include disparate treatment based on the franchises being granted at different times, and other limited exceptions.
  • Termination Restrictions - In Illinois, it is illegal to terminate a franchise without good cause. Generally, under Illinois law, good cause exists when a franchisee has been given a 30-day notice of a violation of the franchise agreement and the franchisee has not cured its default.
  • Nonrenewal Restrictions - Generally, in Illinois, it is unlawful to deny a franchisee renewal of its franchise in circumstances where the franchisee will be prohibited from operating a competing business after expiration of the original franchise agreement. Also, it is illegal to deny a franchisee renewal without giving the franchisee 6 months’ prior notice of your election to deny renewal.

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