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Maryland Franchise Registration: FDD Registration

Maryland Franchise Registration Status: Registration State
State Registration Fee: $500.00

The State of Maryland is a franchise registration state and a franchise regulation state. Prior to offering or selling a franchise in Maryland franchisors must register their FDD with the Securities Division of the Maryland Attorney General's Office. Maryland's franchise laws and regulations are comprised of the Maryland Registration and Disclosure Law and the Maryland Franchise Regulations.

Where Do Your File Your Maryland FDD

Your FDD must be filed and registered with the Office of Attorney General, Securities Division located at:

200 St. Paul Place, 20th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202.

Maryland Franchise Registration and Disclosure Laws

Maryland's franchise laws are comprised, principally of the Maryland Registration and Disclosure Law. Overseen and guided by the Securities Commissioner, the State of Maryland maintains an active role in monitoring franchisor compliance with its registration requirements. Registration in Maryland requires satisfaction of the 2008 Franchise Registration and Disclosure Guidelines issued by the North America Securities Administrators Association, Inc. and the Maryland Securities Division has published a helpful guide outlining the documents that must be completed and submitted in the registration process.

To register your FDD with the Maryland Securities Division, Franchisor's must submit the following documents and forms:

  • Uniform Franchise Registration Application Page;
  • Franchisor's Costs and Sources of Funds;
  • Uniform Consent to Service of Process naming the Maryland Securities Commissioner as agent to receive service;
  • Franchise Seller Disclosure Form;
  • Franchise Disclosure Document with State Cover Page;
  • Application Fee of $500
  • Certification Page;
  • Auditor's consent letter; and
  • Copies of advertising and promotional materials.

The Maryland Securities Division actively responds to FDD registration and renewal applications. To learn more about state franchise laws, click here. To learn more about how we can assist you in registering your FDD, visit our Franchise Counsel Program.

Charles Internicola

by Charles Internicola
National Business and Franchise Lawyer

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