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Ohio: A Non-Registration State

Ohio Franchise Registration Status: Non-Registration State
State Registration Fee: $0.00

Ohio Start a FranchiseIn the State of Ohio there are various laws that govern business opportunities. These Ohio business opportunity laws do impact relationships between franchisors and franchisees and provide to certain rights to Ohio franchisees and those involved in the purchase of a "business opportunity". In addition to Ohio law franchise relationships are governed by the Federal Franchise Rule.

What Does this Mean for You?

Well Lets start off with your goal and the reason that you are interested in franchising:

  1. Are you an Individual Interested in Purchasing a Franchise in Ohio (i.e., you are a potential franchisee); or
  2. Are you an Ohio Business Owner and you are Looking to Expand Your Business Through Franchising (i.e., you are a potential franchisor)

So depending on your goal of either buying an Ohio franchise or franchising your Ohio business there is important information that you need to know starting off with the franchise disclosure document ("FDD") that must be provided to franchisees prior to the offer or sale of a franchise in the State of Ohio. If you are a prospective franchisee then you need to know that the FDD and the information contained in that document represents an important "lifeline" in terms of information that must be evaluated before you sign any franchise agreement. If you are a prospective franchisor then you need to know that there is a step by step process for franchising your business, including the preparation of a franchise structure that works for your business and will assist you in achieving your franchise goals.

So, What Is The Next Step?

The next step is to get information and learn more about franchising. Below is an order form to receive "complimentary" copies of National Franchise Lawyer Charles N. Internicola's books. If you are looking to buy a franchise then the complimentary book for you is "An Entrepreneurs Guide to Buying a Franchise". If you are looking to franchise your Ohio business then the complimentary book is "How to Expand and Grow Your Business Through Franchising". The no obligation order form is below.

Complimentary Franchise Information and Books

Learn More: To learn more about either (a) Buying a Franchise in Ohio or (b) Franchising your Ohio Business, complete the order form below to receive a completely complimentary no obligation copy of National Franchise Lawyer Charles N. Internicola's franchise book. On the complimentary order form indicate whether you are buying a franchise or franchising your business and we will be sure to send you the right book for you.

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