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Franchising Your Restaurant

We Know What it Feels Like to Think Big and Create a Special Business

You have a successful restaurant and things are buzzing...people are coming through the doors, your social media presence is jumping and your are getting great press and interest. People are asking if you are a franchise and if they can open their own location. Franchise "consultants" and brokers may be approaching you claiming to have the solution to "help" you out. You know that you have built and are building something special but, what comes next?

Should you franchise your restaurant?

How do you get started?

Who can you trust?

How do you avoid wasting time, money and opportunity? and

How do you succeed?

We Know How Frustrating It Can Be to Not Get a Straight Answer About Franchise Success

In addition to be a franchise law firm that has helps small restaurants grow into profitable franchises, we are also franchisors ourselves and our team (including our lawyers) owns and is involved in the redevelopment and growth of our own emerging franchise system (a company in the cleaning industry) and so we understand what it takes to succeed and like, you, we know what it means to put everything that you have in a business you believe in.

So, we created this page to provide you with the inside information about what it takes to franchise your restaurant and, based on our experiences and work with restaurants throughout the country we will share information that will help you avoid wasting time, money and lost opportunity.

Franchising Basics

Franchising your restaurant means that you are systematizing you business systems, i.e., how you prepare, produce and serve your menu items and how you market and promote your restaurant, and creating the legal framework where you license and grant a third party franchisee to establish and open their own location. Things that you will be considering and evaluating will involve the legal documents and FDD that you need to develop and how to structure your franchise offering, such as, the franchise fee to be paid to you, the size of franchisee territories and how to profitably maintain quality control over your supply chain. Below are articles about the franchising basics that you will need to know about.

Is Your Restaurant Franchisable?

Learn about the 5 franchisability factors and whether or not you should be franchising your restaurant? Consider whether or not your restaurant is "scalable" and other factors that you should be evaluating.

Are You Ready to Franchise Your Restaurant?

Well that all depends on what your goals are. If you goal is to simply make more money then we can tell you that franchising is not the right vehicle for you. However if your goals include building a sustainable business that expands, gains market share and monetizes your hard work and systems, then you just may be on the right track. Learn about the 4 Franchising Goals and see if your goals are consistent with franchising.

Have You Protected Your Restaurants Name?

This is an important issue that comes up often. That is, we see many clients with great restaurants and great brands but, sometimes, they have problems when it comes time to registering their trade name. For example, sometimes you may find out that another restaurant, in another part of the country, may already own the national registration rights to your restaurants name. Now is a good time to evaluate your trademarks and trade names and understand how the trademark registration process comes into play when franchising.

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

When it comes to franchising your restaurant, one term that you are going to hear often is "FDD". The franchise disclosure document is the primary building block for franchising your restaurant. The FDD is the instrument that is required to legal sell franchises, but, it does a whole lot more. Get the inside track and detail information of what the FDD is all about.

Steps to Franchise Your Business

Pulling it all together does not have to be difficult and we have developed a special program for emerging restaurants just like yours. Our Franchise Launch Program is trusted by restaurant franchises throughout the country and, best of all, these emerging restaurant concepts are enjoying real success and have avoided the dreaded lost opportunity and wasted money that far too many start up franchises become a victim to. Learn more about our Franchise Launch Program and see how close you really are to launching your restaurant franchise.

Additional Inforamtion

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