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Wisconsin State Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Registration

Wisconsin Franchise Registration Status: Registration State
State Registration Fee: $400.00

The State of Wisconsin is a franchise registration state. This means that prior to offering or selling a franchise in the State of Wisconsin franchisors must register their Franchise Disclosure Document with the with the Securities Division of the Wisconsin State Department of Financial Institutions. FDD registration must be renewed and updated no less frequently than annually.

The Securities Division of the Department of Financial Institutions is charged with overseeing FDD registration, renewal and amendment process. The initial FDD registration fee is $400 and applications for registration must be submitted online through the Department’s franchise e-filing.

Wisconsin Franchise Registration FAQ’s

Who regulates franchises in Wisconsin?

The Securities Division of the Wisconsin Department of Financial Divisions. The Securities Division is charged with regulating compliance with the Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law.

Where are FDD Registrations and Renewal Filed?

Applications for FDD registration and renewal must be filed electronically with the Securities Division through the Division’s e-filing portal.

What Should I Include With My Initial Franchise Registration Application?

The registration application must be filed electronically in a single pdf file that includes your FDD and an information sheet that contains the following information:

  • The legal name of your franchise entity;
  • The trade name for your franchise system;
  • Your principal business address;
  • A list of the states where you plan to register your franchise;
  • The name, address, telephone number and email address for the person responsible for your registration application;
  • Signed Uniform Consent to Service of Process;

At the time of filing you will be required to pay the registration fee by credit card.

What are the Franchise Registration Fees?

The initial registration fee is $400. The fee for FDD amendments and renewals is $200.

How Long Will My Wisconsin Registration Last?

Registration is effective for one year and renewal must occur prior to the expiration of the one year period. However, you must consider and be aware that your FDD must always remain current and must comply with federal franchise laws and regulations which may require that you update and amend your Wisconsin franchise registration prior to the expiration of your one year period.

What Qualifies as a Franchise Under Wisconsin Law?

Like many other states, Wisconsin applies a broad definition as to what constitutes a franchise. Under Wisconsin Law a “franchise” exists where the business involves: (a) a common marketing plan that is either required or suggested by the presumptive franchisor; (b) the license of or association with a trademark or other commercial symbol; and (c) the payment of a fee.

Can I look Up and Search FDD’s Registered in Wisconsin?

Yes. The Department of Financial Institutions maintains an on-line database where you can search for a franchisor’s FDD registration status with the state and you can download a franchisor’s FDD. You can access Wisconsin’s Franchise Search database, here.

Useful Links Concerning Wisconsin Franchise Laws

Wisconsin FDD Registration Database - This searchable database allows you to look up a franchisor’s Wisconsin registration status and download their FDD.

Wisconsin Franchise Resource Page - This page is published by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and includes helpful information and links, including information about the online FDD registration process, Wisconsin franchise laws and FAQ’s.

Wisconsin FDD E-Filing System – This page is to the e-filing system for electronically filing your Wisconsin FDD registration, amendment and renewal applications.

Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law - This is a link to the Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law.

Wisconsin Franchise Regulations - This is a link to the regulations issued by the Securities Division of the Department of Financial Institutions. These regulations apply to franchises and franchise offerings in the State of Wisconsin, including the franchise registration process and franchise exemptions.

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