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Wyoming Franchise Registration Status: Non-Registration State
State Registration Fee: $0.00

The state of Wyoming is considered a non-registration state when it comes to franchise law. Meaning that a franchisor does not have to register their franchise or file paperwork with the state in order to offer or sell franchise locations in Wyoming. However, all franchisors, regardless of the state they are offering or selling franchise locations in must still comply with the Federal Trade Commissions Franchise Rule at all times.

Franchise Disclosure Document

In order to properly sell a franchise the franchisor must provide the person interested in purchasing a franchise location with a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) at least 14 days prior to the sale date of the franchise. Improper disclosure can result in a violation of federal franchise laws. Be sure to have your disclosure document properly structured and updated. This document is a vital document meant to describe various aspects about the franchise company and franchise opportunity as a whole to prospective franchisees.

Helpful Resources for Franchising in Wyoming

If you are a successful Wyoming business owner and you are looking for “expansion options” then franchising then the following links may prove useful for you:

To learn how our law firm can assist in evaluating your business model, creating your FDD and ensuring your franchise is in compliance with federal franchise laws and state franchise laws visit our Franchise Counsel Program page. To reach our firm directly, call 1-800-976-4904.

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