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Legal Counsel for Your Business

Strategic Know-How, Guidance and Representation to Grow and Protect Your Business

You want to grow your business, protect what you have built and leverage the very best know-how, advice and representation that will help you succeed and win! We get it and, like you, Charles N. Internicola, Esq. is an entrepreneur and franchisor and our services and industry know-how are relied on by successful business owners, franchisors and entrepreneurs across the country to strategically scaling up, grow and protect their businesses.

We’ve done away with the all too typical and reactionary attorney client relationship and in its place are specific programs and relationship that will provide your business with a competitive advantage in your business transactions, expansion, planning and litigation.

Growth and Protection Services for Your Business

  • Legal Counsel Program – This program provides business owners with a cost-effective and proactive solution in managing, overseeing and proactively protecting almost all aspects of our clients contracts, business transactions and intellectual property. We become your “corporate counsel” and, best of all, we deliver and provide these “always-on” legal services based on a fixed monthly fee. Gone is the hourly billing and in its place is a win-win relationship.
  • Franchise Counsel Program - If you are a franchisor then the Franchise Growth Counsel Program is a solution that will assist you in growing and protecting your franchise system. The program is scalable to the size of your franchise system and is based on an “always-on” relationship we provide you with strategic advice and guidance as to all aspects of your regulatory requirements, registrations, franchise transactions and strategic planning to grow your system. Our Franchise Growth Counsel Program is provided based on a monthly fixed fee. There is no hourly billing getting in the way of our relationship and our ability to learn everything about your system. Learn More About our Franchise Counsel Program.
  • Business Litigation – If you are business owner or franchisor faced with litigation involving a business dispute, unfair competition, violation of a non-compete, trademark infringement, tortious interference with contract or misappropriation of corporate opportunity, we know the results that you need and have the track record to get you there. Learn more about our business litigation services.
  • Business Transactions – If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or franchisor presented with a critical business transaction chances are that we’ve been there before and have assisted our clients in successfully navigating a transaction just like the one you are considering. Learn more about our business transaction services.
  • Intellectual Property - We assist business owners and franchisors in protecting their intellectual property assets, maintaining their strength and structuring critical transactions to ensure that there IP assets remain protected. Learn more about our Intellectual Property Services.

Call Us: We are certain we can make a difference in your business. Give us a call at 800.976.4904 and lets talk.

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