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Business Litigation Services

Tested Legal Representation and Litigation Strategies to Protect and Advance Your Business Interests

Business success requires the very best litigation representation, litigation strategy and litigation experience to protect and defend your core assets and your competitive positioning within the marketplace. At the Internicola Law Firm, PC we serve as litigation counsel to clients at all phases of the development cycle in high stakes litigation involving breached business agreements, supplier relationships, non-competition and confidentiality, trademark and design patent infringement, tortious interference with contract and issues of unfair competition.

Serving as corporate counsel for entrepreneurs and businesses through the nation we understand what is at stake when litigation arises, its impact on your business and the need to cost effectively and precisely achieve tangible goals and outcome metrics. We approach every lawsuit with an arsenal of real world tested experience and a precise plan of action to advance and defend the business interests and business assets of our clients. Our litigation services include:

Business Agreements

There are many reasons why business agreements are breached and why litigation arises. These reasons include poorly drafted agreements and relationships and business conditions that, over time, change in ways that we unexpected or unaccounted for. Whatever the reason for the dispute a contract or an implied contract is almost always at the center of the dispute and litigation success requires an applied understanding of business agreements and critical business claims and defenses related to implied agreements, express covenants, implied covenants, fiduciary duties, merger clauses, fraud, fraudulent inducement and implied covenants of fair dealing. We have served as lead counsel in critical lawsuits involving vendor agreements, distribution and license agreements, dealer agreements, franchise agreements and manufacturer agreements.

Unfair Competition

The boundary between legitimate competition and wrongful action by a competitor is defined and identified by legal issues involving claims of tortious interference with contract, trademark infringement, patent infringement, violation of non-compete agreements, and other issues that are inherent to the success of a business. Whether you are suing a competitor or being sues, the laws involving unfair competition are quite extensive and, if used properly and with a precise litigation strategy, may serve as a critical defensive or offensive asset to your business.

Partner and Shareholder Disputes and Lock-Outs

The unfortunate reality is that, sometimes, your biggest business threat comes from within your own business and from your business partner or partners. Partnership disputes represent a serious threat to many businesses and how they are handled will significantly influence the trajectory of your business. We represent partners and shareholders at closely held and family owned businesses and apply a proactive and extremely effective approach. If you are faced with a partnership dispute, order a complimentary copy of Charles N. Internicola’s book "The Partnership Dispute Guide".

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