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Charles Internicola is a Partnership Dispute Lawyer Who Breaks the Mold!

We all know the reputation that lawyers have. They are at the top of the list of those used at the butt of countless jokes painting them as inhuman and illegitimate. I'd have to admit that with my experience with lawyers over years, both professionally and personally, most of them deserve that place. But of course not all lawyers are dubious and dangerous, there are always exceptions to the rule. I'd like to point out that Charles Internicola is not only an exception to the rule, but he is heads and shoulders above even those I consider legitimate lawyers.

I had an issue with my business partners regarding finances and expenditures that had me on my heels, stressed in my family life, and unsure as to how to proceed with my future, along with making going to my business daily and facing my partners a progressively more difficult task. Determined to resolve the matter I searched out a lawyer who would be capable of answering all of my concerns. Having had a number of bad experiences with lawyers in the past I was determined to search for the best. The internet has been a blessing for researchers in many fields, and I discovered just how much research had been done regarding lawyers and their specialties. It was daunting. A few hundred articles and blogs later, I came across one of Mr. Internicola's articles. To say the least, I was impressed. I decided to call Mr. Internicola's office. Before talking with Mr. Internicola, my matter had to be vetted by his staff. Mr. Internicola's staff were talented with dealing clients with a wide array of business troubles. In fact, their composure and efficiency was in itself very helpful to my stress. Being a business owner I know how much a staff reflects the boss's persona and capabilities. My entire experience culminated with my discourse with Mr. Internicola. He had looked over my Shareholder's Agreement with a fine tooth comb and clarified and securitized my position with my partners. The imagined leverage which could possibly be used against me was dispelled. My life and business could finally move on. Mr. Internicola resolved the entire problem in a matter of days.

If I may add icing to the cake, Mr. Internicola proved to be more than just an excellent Lawyer specializing in legal battles with franchises and partnership agreements. Not only did he put a legal cap on my Shareholder's Agreement, but he added a human perspective on how I might proceed with my partners here on forward, a sober outlook on weighing out my options. At the end of our dealings which turned out to be brief I wanted to settle our business. I was shocked to hear these two words, "No fee." Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and human, that sums up Charles Internicola and his talented staff.

- MK (Original letter on file)

"Breaks the mold…"

Fantastic Commercial Litigation Representation

Thank you for ALL of your help. You and your Counselor's did a fantastic job in representing me. Special thanks, she is truly a professional in litigation.

- FP (Original letter on file)

Partnership Lawyer that Protected the Rights of a Minority Shareholder and Partner

Finally!…I am free. I still have a challenging road ahead of me, but I am free from abusive business practices and thievery, and managed to escape with [my] capital… It was a great victory and I owe it to your talent, experience and professionalism, and very likely, your family upbringing. You were exemplary in squeezing my tiny case into your workflow, incredibly thoughtful and generous. I was a lucky person to have you represent me. I will be sure to point you out anytime in the future when people are talking trash about lawyers or when anyone is looking for a good business lawyer. As well, if my plans work out well within a year, I will have my own small business and will be confident to know I have the best legal representation if ever need be. I also want to thank your staff who were consistently on point and timely with any need I had. Melissa Blinkoff was outstanding, very likely could become an excellent attorney herself. Brian Lincer pinch hitting in the bottom of the ninth proved to be a champ. The types of people surrounding you in a business environment says a lot about the boss. That is the bonus I will take away from our work together, no more surrounding myself with nasty people.

Thank you for everything,
M B (Real Client - Name redacted for privacy but actual record on file)

…A great victory that I owe to your talent…

Partnership Dispute Lawyer Charles Internicola Knowledgeable in Partnership Laws

Charles has been representing me on a Partnership dispute matter for the past 7 months. For me, what sets him apart from other attorneys is how he seems to treat my case as if it were happening to him personally. Almost like being represented by a family member. In other words, he cares. At the same time, he conducts himself as such without sacrificing an ounce of professionalism. It is nice to be represented by an attorney who cares more about his client than in making friends with opposing counsel. Aside from all that he is not only tough when he needs to be, but he has an excellent understanding of the issues in my case and seems really knowledgeable on the applicable laws. I don't know if the other side likes him, but they certainly have to respect him. I am glad I have Charles and his staff on my team and, going forward, I am confident that I have the best representation possible. I give my highest recommendation.

- G R (Real Client - Name redacted for privacy but actual record on file)

…In other words, he cares

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