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How To Start a Business After Signing a Non-Compete


Assuming that your non-compete was based on your prior employment and you are concerned about if and how you can (or already have) leave your job and start a competing business, it will be critical to carefully evaluate and review (with an experienced non-compete lawyer) the enforceability of your non-compete. While there are no clear cut answers and much will depend on your particular facts, the good news is that New York and New Jersey courts strictly scrutinize the enforcement of non-competes. So, you will need to review with your lawyer the type of confidential information and client access that you obtained through your prior employment and how this access and knowledge may or may help you in your new business venture.

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To learn more about non-compete agreements, read "Can a Non-Compete Agreement Be Enforceable Against You In New York and New Jersey".

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by Charles Internicola
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