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A Legal Program for Distribution, Private Label and Product Labeling

If your company distributes products - whether branded or private label - your company requires a legal program that is focused on setting legal standards, establishing internal legal systems and ensuring that your business is protected. Sort of like an insurance program for your business, The Internicola Law Firm represents regional and national distributors in industries involving consumer products, specialty foods, and suppliers of equipment and tools.

An Insurance Program for Your Business

For Distributors the "legal protection" that we offer comes in the form of a general counsel that on a monthly or quarterly basis:

  • Establishes an internal system of checklists and agreements for your employees to follow on a day-to-day basis;
  • Review of your trademarks, monitoring of your trademarks and the continuous filing of supplemental trademarks to ensure nothing gets abandoned or overlooked;
  • Establishment and monitoring of internal employee confidentiality, non-disclosure and, where appropriate, non-compete agreements;
  • Establishment and monitoring of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with suppliers and outside contractors;
  • Preparation of cease and desist notices when competitors infringe on trademarks and design patents;
  • Review of periodic agreements that come about in the ordinary course of business, including those agreements that are sometimes mistakenly viewed as "generic" and just signed;
  • Reduced hourly billing for litigation matters

Can This Legal Counsel Program Add Value for Your Business?

Yes - for the right company. That is, if you are focused on your business systems and would like to establish "legal systems" that insulate and protect your business, then this is the program for your company. The on-going relationship establishes tremendous efficiencies, reduces risk, allows us to offer preferred and reduced hourly fees for litigation and, best of all, allows you to avoid unnecessary litigation and wasted assets.

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