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Raw Entrepreneurship at Its Best

As featured in Charles N. Internicola’s Business and Franchise Law Report Vol. 3 Issue 8

Entrepreneurs That Kick AssBusiness success comes in many forms and from varying paths – some from hard working family owned businesses, some from highly capitalized and investor funded enterprises and some from entering the right markets at the right time, avoiding competition and creating a niche.

Lobster Joint followed neither of those categories and, in my estimation, what makes the Lobster Joint story so compelling is that their success is based on hardcore and raw entrepreneurship at its very best. Founded by serial entrepreneurs and restaurateurs Bob Levitt and Tom Chabrowski, Lobster Joint successfully entered the highly competitive NYC restaurant and established a one-of-a-kind New England Comfort Food restaurant (“joint”) serving some of the best lobster rolls on the east coast. The result has been overwhelming and Lobster Joint has built a following among resident New Yorkers and tourists from all over the country and the world.

The Lobster Joint Franchise

Lobster Joint outdoorsRecently we had the opportunity to work with Lobster Joint on the launch of their franchise system. For Tom and Bob, franchising represents a natural progression in the expansion of the Lobster Joint brand and one they are approaching strategically.

So getting back to raw entrepreneurship, well, from my perspective, some of the factors that have led to Bob and Tom’s success are:

Lobster Joint is now, selectively, considering franchise applications which you can find by visiting www.ownalobsterjoint.com. Also, learn more about Lobster Joint, Bob and Tom’s story by watching the video above.

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