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As featured in The Entrepreneurs Kick Ass® Business & Franchise Law Report Vol. 4 | Issue 6

Entrepreneurs That Kick AssAs is the case with many successful entrepreneurs, THE MAX Challenge would appear to be an overnight success, when in reality, that’s rarely the case. The same holds true for the life-long journey Bryan Klein has been on over the past 29 years.

Traced back to Bryan’s experiences as a young entrepreneur, fueled by his passion to grow his karate school, The MAX Challenge exemplifies the same focus and commitment. Like any start-up business, there are challenges that require extreme perseverance, a positive mind-set and massive daily action to overcome the obstacles that face every new business.

Before THE MAX Challenge, Bryan had to face his own personal challenge involving the health of his wife and unborn child. He suffered setbacks in his health and business that many would not recover from. Bryan knew his “WHY” and his life-purpose. After caring for his family, he made the decision to transform his physical well-being and ultimately his life.

While seeking out advice and guidance from nutritionists, personal trainers and dieticians, Bryan quickly realized there was a tremendous, untapped opportunity. Dieticians talked about diet, trainers talked about training but no one was integrating the necessary components in a succinct program that created lasting results.

From his experience, Bryan envisioned and created a fitness program for his own personal transformation that became the foundation for THE MAX Challenge. Until THE MAX Challenge, a program combining exciting fitness classes, nutritional counseling and motivation, delivered in a five-day a week, all-encompassing format, did not exist in the marketplace.

Since its launch, THE MAX Challenge franchise system has grown to more than 72 centers, in six states and counting. In meeting with Bryan and THE MAX Challenge team, one thing you’ll observe immediately is that their business is completely aligned with their mission. The entire team at THE MAX Challenge is focused on the positive transformations occurring in their members lives, as well as the health and well-being of their instructors, managers and franchisee partners. Couple this great mission with an incredible corporate culture and it is not surprising to find a franchise management team that truly understands that entrepreneurship at it’s purest form , is about so much more than business… It’s about transforming lives.

Learn More about The MAX Challenge by visiting: or call (800) 670-0263.

Also, visit Amazon and order a copy of Bryan’s book To The Max!

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