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Legal Services for Partner and Shareholder Disputes

Specialized Experience and a Precise Plan of Action to Protect and Defend Your Partnership and Business Interests

We are a leading authority in partnership and shareholder dispute litigation in New York and New Jersey. Charles N. Internicola is the author of "The New York and New Jersey Partnership Dispute Guide" and our litigation team is at the cutting edge of litigation strategies, defenses, structured negotiations and trial representation involving partnership disputes and issues of minority shareholder oppression, fiduciary obligations and the partnership rights among owners of closely held and family owned businesses. We possess an extensive track record in this area of the law.

Our partnership dispute resolution and litigation services include representation of:

Minority and Non-Controlling Partners

Minority shareholders and partners are afforded fiduciary duties and obligations that afford legal rights critical in every partnership dispute. When representing the rights of minority shareholders our litigation strategy and plan of action is focused on leveraging these fundamental fiduciary duties and rights that are imposed by the law. Our minority shareholder representation typically involves issues of shareholder oppression that typically include denied access to corporate books and records, misappropriated business assets, employment termination and lock-out. Learn more about issues of minority shareholder oppression.

Equal Partners

Partnership disputes between equal partners, most typically, involve in an imbalance of control in the day-to-day business operations. When representing the rights of an equal partner our representation is initially focused on the working relationship between the parties and the level of operational control that each partner possesses over the business. Our representation involving equal partners typically involves issues of corporate theft, misappropriation of business assets and opportunities, breach of shareholder agreements and diversion of business assets and lock-outs. Learn more about business lock-outs and partnership misappropriation.

Majority and Controlling Partners

For majority and controlling shareholders and partners, many times your greatest strength may be a vulernability. That is, your minority or non-controlling partners may adopt an "all of the above" litigation strategy that challenges and holds you accountable for longstanding business decisions that were and remain legitimate but nevertheless create the pretext for minority shareholder claims. When representing controlling partners, our litigation strategy and plan of action is one that anticipates common claims asserted by minority partners and one that places them on the "defense." Our representation involving controlling shareholders involve issues related to termination of minority shareholders, adherence to corporate by-laws and governance, nonperformance, protection of corporate assets and opportunities and the enforcement of breached partnership and shareholder agreements. Learn more about dealing with minority shareholders and partners.

Get Started and Learn More

If you are presented with a potential partnership dispute, contact our Client Services Director, Smantha Cavitolo at (718) 979-8688 to schedule a call to discuss how we may assist. Also, learn more about successful strategies when presented with a partnership dispute by ordering a complimentary copy of "The New York and New Jersey Partnership Dispute Guide" and read our article on the "Critical Factors to Discuss with Your Lawyer".