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Franchise Your Business Interview Series

"Insight on the process of franchising a business from other franchisors who have already been through the process"

Learn More From Other Entrepreneurs Who Have Already Been Interviewed By Charles Internicola

Guard NowCD - Volume I of the "Franchise Your Business" Interview Series with Zabi Kator of guardNOW

Volume I of the "Franchise Your Business" Interview Series includes information on these important topics:

  • Operations manual;
  • Quality control; and
  • Controlled growth

Aprisa interview cdCD - Volume II of the "Franchise Your Business" Interview Series with Kirk Lance of Aprisa Mexican Cuisine

Volume II of the "Franchise Your Business" Interview Series includes insight into the following topics:

  • Conducting proper research before franchising;
  • Creating a system that can be duplicated; and
  • Hiring the proper professionals to assist with the franchise process

CD - Volume III of the "Franchise Your Business" Interview Series with Jacqueline Sanin of Salta! Jump Into Spanish

Volume III of the "Franchise Your Business" Interview Series includes insight into the following topics:

  • Thoroughly evaluating all systems prior to selling to franchisees;
  • Hiring the right franchise lawyer - particularly one who understands your business concept; and
  • Creating detailed systems so they can be easily replicated by franchisees.

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Share What You Know With Other Entrepreneurs By Participating In An Interview With Charles Internicola




What is the Franchisor Interview Series All About?

Charles N. Internicola, Esq. established the “FRANCHISOR INTERVIEW SERIES” to facilitate the exchange of information and “battle-tested” ideas between franchisors and franchise professionals and to share this information with the franchise community and those prospective franchisors interested in franchising their business. The purpose of the interview is not to sell or promote franchise sales, however, the interview may add a valuable perspective for prospective franchisees interested in learning more about you and the philosophy of your franchise system.

These interviews also give each of us within the franchise community an opportunity to connect with other franchisors and professionals. In addition to being a franchise lawyer, Charles Internicola is also the Managing Member of a National maid cleaning franchise.

What Are The Complimentary Promotional Benefits Of This Interview?

During your recorded interview with Mr. Internicola, Esq. you get to tell your story, the story about your brand, your franchise system and what makes your franchise unique. Your information and the experiences that you share will benefit other entrepreneurs who want to learn more about franchising. Because we value your information and the time that you share with us, you will receive the following complimentary benefits:

The interview will be recorded and conducted on our teleconference system. Following the interview we will:

  • Have the audio interview transcribed (we will provide you with a copy);
  • Have audio CD’s produced and we will provide you with at least 20 copies (if you would like more, you could make copies or order from the company that produces the CD);
  • We will blog at New York Franchise Law and Franchise Law Solutions about your interview;
  • We will issue a press release about your interview; and
  • Anything else, that we could (reasonably) help out with and collaborate on.

Fill out the form below to request to participate in an interview with Charles Internicola which will be included in future volumes of the "Franchising Your Business" Interview Series.

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