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Take Your Business from Local Success to National Franchise with The 90 Day Franchise Launch Program

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Why Now May Be The Best Time (Ever) To Franchise Your Business


Below is detailed information - real information - about how to expand your business through franchising, how to get started and what our 90 Day Franchise Launch Program is all about. For detailed information about how to franchise your business you may order a complimentary and absolutely no obligation copy of my book and audio CD of "How to Expand and Grow Your Business Through Franchising" (click here to order your complimentary copy). But please also read the important information below.

The Problem (You Want to Expand and Achieve More)

You have worked hard to establish your business, achieved success with your one, two or even three locations but your are looking for more. You are looking to expand your business and you are looking to make your business assets and know how work for you. You may have been asked whether or not your business is a franchise or will be a franchise and you understand and know that the next level of success doesn't (or shouldn't) involve working more hours but, rather, requires expansion where you "leverage" the business assets (your trade name, reputation, business know how, products or services) that you already built. You have thought about franchising and for one reason or another - whether thinking that it is out of reach (which it is not), too complex (not the case) or just inaction on your part (i.e., yes…you have been busy) you have not taken then next step. The next step that I am talking about is one of "expansion" and "leverage" where, through franchising, you monetize the assets that you have built and recruit the capital and work efforts of third party franchisee's.

Reasons you have not franchised your business yet:

How to Start with Franchising

We Have The Answer (How to Franchise Your Business in 90 Days for a Fixed Fee)

Not only am a a national franchise lawyer but, like you, I am also an entrepreneur and I am the managing member of a small but national franchise company. So I understand your goal of having a business, wanting to do more, wanting to achieve more and making the the business that you have already built work harder to serve you, your family and, down the line, future franchisees.

So, What is the Answer? Well when it comes to franchising and expanding your business (as with many things in life) the secret is to "take Action", get started, start small, and keep moving. Knowing that the key to franchise success (assuming that your business is right for franchised expansion - something we assess) is to take action, I have developed The 90 Day Franchise Launch Program.

What Does The 90 Day Franchise Launch Program Achieve? This complete program is designed to take a select group of qualified business owners who are prepared to participate in a comprehensive and accelerated program where we get your business ready for franchising. We take care of the development of your Franchise Disclosure Document, franchise agreements and regulatory requirements (everything required for you to start selling)(complete detail below) and while I am working on your entire legal infrastructure, you will be working on your "operations manual" where - for your future franchisees - you will put together the "how to's" of your own business and the business steps that they will be following. Don't worry though we walk you through this entire process and the end result is amazing. Again, the key is to adopt a plan and then start taking action with small steps that, over time, add up to big results - The 90 Day Franchise Launch Program was Designed to Do Just That!

This Program Is Not For Everyone (Learn Why I Created this Program)

After gaining insights through my own experiences as a franchisor, I started The 90 Day Franchise Launch Program because as a franchise lawyer I got frustrated seeing certain exceptional entrepreneurs (individuals with great businesses, great products, great services and a brand that should be expanded) who failed to take that franchising step because they thought it was too complex or too expensive. That is, they failed through inaction - they failed at the expansion game before they even got started. So, for a select group of business owners who are focused on expanding responsibly (i.e., those willing to start small and adopt a controlled expansion plan that may, initially, be local or regional) and who understand the significance of their business systems and the need to document these systems (i.e., the know how surrounding your business) in an operations manual, I created The 90 Day Franchise Launch Program.

Are There Secrets to Franchising?

Although simple, there are:

  1. Secret 1 - Take Action - This may seem obvious but a major reason some achieve franchise success and others don't comes down to "action". That is, as with many things in life, it is not the smartest entrepreneur or the one with the best products or services that succeeds and achieves multi-unit expansion but, rather, the entrepreneur that "takes action", adopts a plan and keeps moving forward. So, in the franchising and multi-unit expansion world many smart entrepreneurs fail because they never get started - they never take that first step and they "fail to launch".
  2. Secret 2 - The Right Perspective - Understand that franchise and business success is not a "destination" but rather a continuous journey. To be a successful franchisor you need to understand this perspective and agree with it.
  3. Secret 3 - Continuous Improvement Required - Understand that you cannot do everything at once - a process is required. The key is taking action and then understanding that your must be dedicated to continuously improving and refining your business. What you franchise system will look like today (really 90 days) will be different from what it will be one year, two years and five years later. So, dedication to developing and continuously improving your business systems will trump having the best of everything right now.
  4. Secret 4 - Franchising is Flexible (It Does Not Need to be Huge) - Understand that franchising is flexible and should be customized to your business and your personal goals. This is how we approach the development of your franchise. You control how big or how small you become - becoming a franchisor does not mean you have to become a large company operating in all 50 states. Sustainable and controlled growth is the key to successful franchising.

What Is The Next Step? (Get Complimentary Information and Take Action)

Below is our complementary completely no obligation application for you to fill out if you would like to see if you qualify for this program. If you don't want to fill out an application, below is a link to receive our complimentary information. After reviewing the application we take a look at your business and set up a conference call to speak. The application is below. Also below are links for our "How to Expand Your Business Through Franchising" magazine (including a complimentary audio CD about franchising - so, if you are not yet ready to submit an application order a complimentary copy of our franchising magazine and "how to" audio CD - we will not contact you or call you (unless you ask us to).

  • 90 Day Launch Qualification Application (Form Below) - fill out the complimentary, absolutely no obligation application to see if you qualify for this program. We will also send you a complimentary copy of our "How to Expand Your Business Through Franchising Magazine" and Audio CD discussing the "How To's" of Franchising (the qualification application is at the bottom of this page).
  • Our Complimentary Magazine and Audio CD (Link Here) - if you are not ready yet to fill out a qualification application (you just want more information) then order an absolutely complimentary copy of our "How to Expand Your Business Through Franchising Magazine" and Audio CD discussing the "How To's" of Franchising. No one will contact you unless you ask us to.

The Details And Qualification Application


The 90 Day Franchise Launch Program is all about working together to expand your business. If during the first 15 days of working with us you believe this program is not right for you, just let us know and you will get a full refund - no questions asked. Also, if we do not believe you are up to the task, then during this 15 day period, we reserve the right to drop you from this program - of course we will fully refund your fee.

How We Will Convert Your Business into a Franchise with the 90 Day Franchise Launch Program

By the time you are finished with the 90 Day Franchise Launch Program the following steps will have occurred:

  • Multiple assessment and planning sessions with Charles Internicola which relate to a broad range of developmental issues such as:
    • Corporate structures for your franchise agreement;
    • Consultation with your accountant for the purpose of planning and organizing required financial statements for your FDD;
    • Identifying the right protected territory for your business;
    • Determining the right franchise fees; and
    • Determining the right royalty rate.
  • The development and preparation of multi-state FDD, Franchise Agreement and Exhibits (including state specific addendums).

No Surprises - No Hidden Fees (Just an Intense Program)

  • Establish a complete franchise program, including multi-state FDD ready for filing in 90 days.
  • This is a limited offering with select slots left for 2014 and we are extremely selective as to who we work with.

How to Get Started

First, you need to see if you qualify for the program. We need to learn about your business, your perspective and your goals. To be considered and see if you qualify complete the absolutely no obligation qualification application below and we will follow up or, if you would like contact our Client Coordinator - Samantha Surowiec - at 800.976.4904 to learn more.

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