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Step by Step Course of Action for a New York or New Jersey Partnership Dispute

Hi, this is Charles Internicola and if you're a New York or New Jersey business owner and you're faced with a business dispute whether you're a shareholder of a corporation, a member of a limited liability company or a partner in a general partnership you need to understand and evaluate your rights. What are your rights as a shareholder, member, or partner and what courses of action can you take to preserve your equity interest and your underlying business. Of course, the factors and the courses of action are going to differ depending on your specific circumstance. For example, are you a majority shareholder, are you an equal shareholder, or are you a minority shareholder dealing with issues of oppression. There are many different factors and different variables, however, no matter what your situation is it's important that you understand to plan out a strategy then there is an effective course of action you can adopt to protect your interest. I discuss legal rights and more importantly effective courses of action in my book, "The New York and New Jersey Partnership Dispute Guide". If you visit our website you can download and order a complimentary copy of the book. Get the book, evaluate your circumstance, and look at the clear courses of action that I recommend that you can consider and discuss with your attorney.

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