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5 Questions to Discuss with Your New York or New Jersey Shareholder Dispute Lawyer

In this video, New York and New Jersey litigation lawyer Charles N. Internicola discusses 5 initial questions that you should discuss and evaluate with your lawyer when faced with a "partnership dispute". These initial "factors" or questions, include:

  1. Whether or Not You Have a Written Shareholder or Partnership Agreement?
  2. Whether or Not you Have "Other" Documents Related to Your Partnership?
  3. Who Has Control Over The Business?
  4. If You Do Have a Formal Agreement, Whether or Not There Is An Arbitration Clause?
  5. If You Do Have a formal Agreement, Whether or Not There Is a Buy-Out Provision?

Remember, there are other questions to discuss and factors to evaluate, but these initial 5 factors are an important first step in establishing the right dialogue with your lawyer and assessing the right plan of action for protecting your equity interests.

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Reviewing the video. Also, order a complimentary copy of Charles' book "The Partnership Dispute Guide".

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