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Partnership and Shareholder Dispute in Suffolk County NY

Hi this is Charles Internicola and if you’re a Suffolk County business owner whether you’re a shareholder of a New York corporation, a member of a limited liability company, or a partner in a general partnership and your business is located in Suffolk County and your faced with a dispute with your partners, for a limited time you can go to our website and get a complimentary copy of my book “The New York and New Jersey Partnership Dispute Guide”. In this book I discuss effective courses of action that you can take right now, or should at least you should be considering to protect your underlying business and to protect the value of your equity interest. We also offer information about the Suffolk County commercial division and what you should expect when you walk into the courtroom. Also, there are examples of injunctive relief and other remedies that you may want to consider and discuss with your attorney. Visit our website and get a copy of the book.

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