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The Role of Your New Jersey Franchise Lawyer - Part 2

In this video series about the role of a New Jersey franchise lawyer, Mr. Internicola discusses the steps that your franchise lawyer should undertake in reviewing the FDD and franchise agreement and providing you with a practical, real world breakdown as to what each document contains. That is, a break down about the economic and legal factors that will influence your franchise investment and assist you in determining whether or not a franchise is right for you.

Some economic factors that your franchise lawyer will review, includes:

  • Royalty fees;
  • Advertising fund fees;
  • Minimum purchase requirements; and
  • Other legal obligations that, once you open your franchise, will impact your day-to-day profitability.

Some legal factors that your franchise lawyer will review, include:

  • The ability to sell certain goods or services;
  • Protected territory that you’re being granted; and
  • Whether or not the franchisor can allow third parties into your market.

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