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You are a successful business owner and you are looking to expand your operation. You have an idea of what is involved, but you aren’t entirely sure where to begin. After all, the process is complex and the path to franchising your business can sometimes be confusing. What you want is a trusted team to guide you through development, execution and subsequent launch of your own franchise system. Ultimately, you want a system in place that can take you from business owner to successful franchisor. But what steps should you take first?

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How to Franchise Your Business

If you are thinking about franchising but want to learn all the ins and outs before you jump in, this is where you need to be. In this section, we break down what your goals should be as well as giving you the tools and information you need to understand the complete process.

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Convert Your License System to a Franchise

If your business has established a network of licensees who signed license agreements and who are selling products or services under your trademark or brand then chances are you have given some thought to franchising, whether or not your license system may really be a franchise and whether or not, legally, you need to convert your license system to a franchise system. Click on the link below to learn more.

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State Franchise Laws

At the state level there are various franchise registration and regulation obligations imposed on franchisors. A franchisors franchise registration, filing and/or disclosure obligations vary on a state-by-state basis with the most stringent requirements typically associated with the franchise registration states. Click on the link for important links and information related to state specific franchise laws.

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Franchise Development Services

As an emerging franchisor your goal is to add franchisees and to strategically scale-up and grow your franchise system. Success requires a precise plan of action and a proven franchise development team that understands what it means to be an emerging franchisor, the structural challenges that you face and how to differentiate and grow your system through direct response marketing. Click below to learn about our Franchise Growth Labs.

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Franchising Videos

Internicola Law Firm

Videos All About The Expansion and Protection of Your Business and Business Interests

Below select a category to learn about legal and business information focused on the expansion and protection of your business. Learn about franchising your business, buying a franchise, how to deal with shareholder and partnership disputes, protecting your intellectual property and general counsel services for your business.

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Our Team

Dedicated to Building Franchise Systems that Scale-Up and Grow

We are a small specialized team of franchise lawyers and franchise professionals who are committed - absolutely committed - to entrepreneurship and the success of our clients. In addition to being a franchise lawyer with over 20 years of experience, Charles N. Internicola is also a franchisor of a small emerging franchise system. So we know and understand what it means to be a franchisor and what it means to franchise your business. We have done it ourselves and will add invaluable experience and know-how to the development and launch of your franchise system.

Charles N. Internicola, Esq.

Charles N. Internicola, Esq.

Legal Counsel & Franchise Consulting

Brian A. Lincer, Esq.

Brian A. Lincer, Esq.

Legal Counsel & Brand Protection

Samantha Cavitolo

Samantha Cavitolo

Director of Client Services

Melissa Castoro

Melissa Castoro

Franchise Support & Media Development

The Franchise Launch Program Process

Best in Class Franchise System Grounded in Real World Experiences

Franchising is not a "one size fits all" process and Franchise success comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. The Franchise Launch Program and our franchise development process is focused on you, your business, your brand and the the development of a best in class franchise system that amplifies and leverages the strengths of your business and brand.

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Phase IPhase IIPhase III

1. Franchise Assessment

Is your business franchisable and are your business goals consistent with franchising?

2. Business and Brand Assessment

What are your core business assets, brand attributes and how to leverage these assets within a franchise system?

3. Competitive Franchise Study

What does the competitive landscape look like, what do competing franchise systems look like and how to differentiate your franchise system?

4. Your Franchise Blueprint

An outline of what your franchise system will look like, the protection of your brand, the franchise fee, royalty structures, territories, and franchise metrics to be incorporated into your system.

5. Brand Protection

Registering your trademarks and protecting your brand.

6. Developing your FDD

Establishing and developing a multi-state FDD structure that is specific to your franchise system and leverages industry best practices to differentiate your system and achieve franchise growth and stability.

7. Developing Franchise Agreements

Establishing franchise agreements that represent bery best legal protection for your system focused on enforceability, long-term success and franchise sales.

8. Corporate Structuring

Establishing the corporate entities (i.e., your new franchise company) to serve as the franchisor of your new system and to shield your intellectual property assets.

9. Advisor Consulting

We work with your accountant and even your local attorney to collaborate as to the launch of your system and to ensure consistency with your existing advisors.

10. Launch and State Registrations

Once complete and ready to launch we register your franchise offering in strategic franchise registration states.

11. Post Launch Consultations

Even after we launch your system our team is here for your. Monthly, we set aside a one hour conference call to speak and work with you.

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