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Michigan Franchise Law and FDD Registration

Michigan is a Franchise Registration State, but unlike other registration states Michigan does not review the FDD and requires only the filing and registration of a notice. The Michigan franchise filing fee is $250.

Michigan Franchise Law and Registration

Michigan Franchise Law

Michigan is a franchise registration state. However, unlike most states, Michigan does not require you to submit a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for them to review. Michigan is a "notice only" state, and you must file a Notice of Intent annually with the Michigan Attorney General.

The Notice of Intent must:

  • Be typed on the letterhead of your franchise company;

  • Include the name of your franchise company;

  • Include the principal business address of your franchise company;

  • Briefly describe the franchised business; and

  • Include a check in the amount of $250 payable to the "State of Michigan."

Your Notice of Intent must be filed and renewed every year, and is not effective until you receive confirmation and acceptance of your filing through the Attorney General’s issuance of a notice endorsing your filing with the word "filed" and marked with an effective date.

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Michigan Franchise FAQs

Who Regulates Franchises in Michigan?

The Michigan Attorney General regulates and oversees the enforcement of the Michigan Franchise Investment Law and FDD notice filings.

Where Can I Register My Franchise in Michigan?

Your Notice of Intent must be filed annually with the Michigan Attorney General, at the following address:

Michigan Department of Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division - Franchise Section
PO Box 30213
Lansing, MI 48909

Their telephone number is (517) 335-7567.

Why Is Michigan a Registration State If Only a Notice Is Filed?

Michigan is technically a franchise registration state because it has enacted specific franchise laws that require a filing with the state prior to the offer or sale of a franchise. However, unlike all the other franchise registration states, the filing required by Michigan is not the actual FDD, but rather a Notice of Intent, which includes limited information. Unlike other franchise registration states, Michigan does not maintain a copy of your FDD and does not review your FDD. Nevertheless, because of extensive franchise laws and disclosure requirements, franchisors must be cautious when self-certifying their Michigan state FDDs.

Michigan State FDD Disclosure Notice

Like many other franchise registration states, Michigan mandates certain state disclosures to be contained in the State Cover Page. However, unlike other registration states, Michigan requires placement of its state-specific disclosures immediately following the FDD State Cover Page and not in a state-specific addendum attached to the back of the FDD. Michigan’s Franchise Investment Law defines the disclosure and placement requirements.

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