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National franchise law firm specializing in franchise law, development, compliance, and growth services.

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We’ve helped brands franchise for 25+ years

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We Help You Build a Thriving Franchise

We're a national franchise law firm that provides boutique level legal, franchise development, and strategic advisory services. We help founders and leadership teams build thriving franchise systems!

Our fixed fee legal, franchise compliance, development, and FDD registration services lead the nation in best practices and will help you franchise the right way, close deals, and outmaneuver the competition.

We're passionate about franchising, our clients and their franchise growth goals!

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Winning Franchise Growth Strategies

Our services go beyond great legal representation and include a process, best practices driven team that will help you leverage and deploy game changing franchise growth strategies

We’re obsessed with seeing franchise brands grow and understand what it takes to build a great franchise system.

We’re dedicated to providing the best legal and franchise development services in the industry and have built the team and internal systems to deliver for our clients.

Our clients are like-minded franchisors and entrepreneurs. Join a great community, participate in our private client masterminds, and access our masterclasses and livestreams.

We'll help prepare for the celebrations ahead. Whether it's a well developed franchise growth strategy, private equity investment, or successful exit, we've got you legally covered.

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