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Win at Franchising

National franchise law firm specializing in franchise law, development, compliance, and growth services.

    Start a Franchise

    We’ve helped brands franchise for 20+ years

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    300+ national brands rely on us for strategic representation


    We Help You Build a Thriving Franchise

    The Internicola Law Firm is a national franchise law firm that provides boutique level legal, franchise development, and strategic advisory services. We help founders and leadership teams build thriving franchise systems!

    Our fixed fee legal, franchise compliance, development, and FDD registration services lead the nation in best practices. We'll help you franchise the right way, close deals, and build a great brand.

    Winning Franchise Growth Strategies

    Beyond great legal representation our clients benefit from growth focused advisory services and tools that include structured quarterly planning sessions, masterclasses, mastermind groups, broker events, and franchise compliance dashboards.

    We’re obsessed with seeing franchise brands grow and understand what it takes to build a great franchise system.

    We provide the best legal and franchise development services in the industry. Our "How to Build and Deploy a Winning Franchise Brand Story" masterclass is a game changer for emerging franchise brands.

    Our clients are like-minded franchisors and entrepreneurs. Join a great community, participate in our private client masterminds, and access our masterclasses and livestreams.

    We'll help prepare for the celebrations ahead. Whether it's a well developed franchise growth strategy, private equity investment, or successful exit, we've got you legally covered.

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    Franchise Development + Legal Protection

    1. Franchise Your Business with best-in-class FDD
    2. Competitive Brand Positioning and KPI's
    3. Growth Strategy, Coaching, and Support
    4. FranIQ Compliance Dashboards and Training

    ILF Our Process

    Growing your business and achieving franchise success is within reach. But how do you know if franchising is right for you and if you're doing it right?

    Our experienced legal + franchise development team will help you decide if franchising is right for you and get you on the right track to franchise your business.

    Learn more about our Franchise Launch Program and our end-to-end process that has set hundreds of franchisors up for success. Call our team for a complimentary discovery session.

    Trusted by 300+ Brands Nationwide

    Franchise Growth Resources


    Let’s talk about how we can help grow your brand.