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Fixed-Fee FDD Review, Franchise Agreement Negotiation, and Addendum Preparation

The Internicola Law Firm represents franchisees throughout the country. In this video, you'll learn about our simple process, how much it costs, and how we c...

Buy a Franchise the Right Way!

If you’re buying a franchise and found an opportunity that you are interested in, it’s important to understand the steps to take, how to protect yourself, the FDD disclosures, and the negotiated franchise agreement changes that need to be made to lock down your rights as a franchisee.

Our team takes you through the entire process and we make it seamless from the start of our initial conversations and assessments, through negotiations and signing your franchise agreement.

Our franchise review and representation is backed by our years of real-world franchise industry experience and a team approach that involves an active working relationship with our clients.

Let’s discuss how we can help. Reach us by live chat, web contact, or call us at (800) 976-4904.

Read on to learn more about everything we include in our fixed-fee representation!

Our Process

Step-by-Step Process To Protect Your Investment

Our franchise representation begins and ends with the unique goals and expectations of each of our clients. We start off with a conversation about your goals. From there, we craft a detailed review of the FDD and franchise agreement, discuss the franchise due diligence process, and phone conversations with you about the process, negotiate with your franchisor, and prepare proposed franchise agreement amendments.

During our calls, we will talk about how your franchise investment fit into your life and how it’s aligned with your expectations and goals. During our call, we will schedule specific dates for when our FDD Review will be complete.

We will prepare a written report (FDD Review) that assesses the FDD, franchise agreement, and key legal and disclosure issues. We also prepare a draft franchise agreement addendum addressing and modifying key franchise agreement provisions. This review stage typically takes 5 business days.

Based on our assessment, we prepare a proposed addendum to the franchise agreement. This addendum is a proposed agreement modifying the terms of the franchise agreement to address critical legal factors and franchise rights.

We will schedule a planning and strategy call to get your input, answer your questions, and to finalize our negotiating strategy and the addendum that we will present to the franchisor.

We negotiate with the franchisor and their legal counsel. We also work with you on communications that you may also be having with the franchisor and the franchisor’s sales team.

Following negotiations, we work with you through signing the franchise agreement. Also, if you decide to walk away from the transaction, we are also there to give you our candid guidance.
While we are reviewing the FDD, we will encourage you to engage in additional due diligence steps which may involve questions or emails that we may prepare for you to send to the franchisor and for you to contact existing and former franchisees of the system. Also, we have great resources for you in Entrepreneurs Guide to Purchasing a Franchise.

Timing & Pricing

Our turnaround time is 5 business days from when you retain us. So, we’ll get started right away reviewing the FDD, look for red flags, evaluate the legal disclosures, compare it to the franchise agreement, and send you a detailed review letter that highlights all these points.

Our Fixed Fee

Our fixed fee is $2,500.00. There’s no surprise billing and no unexpected expenses. The key is to make sure you go through the process the right way.

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