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Franchise Intelligence Dashboards

FranIQ Dashboards

Game-Changing Franchise Compliance System

Franchise compliance shouldn't come at the cost of lost deals or a slowed down franchise sales process!

Franchise compliance is critical to the future of your franchise system. Compliance missteps like registration delays, FDD delivery mistakes, missed waiting periods, and mismanaged addendums and agreements cost deals and create long-term risk.

That's why we've built FranIQ. A complete and customized franchise compliance system built from the ground up, exclusively for clients of The Internicola Law Firm. FranIQ allows our clients to leverage and benefit from our decades of experience in managing compliance systems and processes for franchisors.

The FranIQ system provides you with always-on access, visibility, and control over your franchise compliance process. Monitored and managed our legal and compliance team, FranIQ puts you in control with automated safeguards, systems, and built-in processes that allow you to:

  • Send FDD's electronically through FranIQ
  • Visualize and track the status of FDD receipts and 14 day waiting periods
  • Send franchise agreements electronically
  • Monitor and visualize registrations and registration status
  • Track the timing of agreement signings
  • Access our best practices knowledge base
  • Track trademark status
  • Achieve real-time results and communications
  • + More

FranIQ is an innovative franchise compliance system that allows you to visualize, track, and manage your franchise compliance. FranIQ supercharges the personalized relationships and proactive planning and client communications that our team is known for. Learn more by contacting us at (800) 976-4904.

Disclose and Track FDDs and FDD Receipts

With FranIQ you'll seamlessly send FDD's, track delivery, and receipt signing. As you disclose franchisee candidates your FranIQ FDD dashboard will allow you to visualize the status of each delivery, including unsigned receipts and overall status.

A Competitive Advantage and a Great Relationship

FranIQ was created to provide our clients with a competitive advantage and peace of mind while supercharging our client relationships and communications. With FranIQ you'll maintain always-on and always available access and information about your compliance processes and deal flow.

Close deals faster, accelerate registrations, and gain control over your compliance. Contact our team to learn more about what FranIQ can do for you.