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Specialized Franchise Law, Compliance, and Franchise Development Services

That will help you win at franchising.

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We provide complete legal & development services for both new and established franchisors.

FDD Registration

FDD Registration

We’ll help you register your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and ensure that your franchise sales stay up and running.

  • Register your FDD
  • State Franchise Laws and Fees
  • Registrations and Renewals

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Franchise Focused

Franchise Development & Strategy

We provide complete legal and franchise development services to start your franchise the right way.

  • Franchise Your Business
  • Legal + Franchise Development
  • Fixed Fee

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Trademark Protection

Trademark Protection

Our simple process will help you protect your trademarks and brand the right way.

  • Trademark Assessments and Registrations
  • Monitoring of Applications
  • Brand Ownership and Maintenance

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Franchise Counsel Program

We work with franchise brands to provide best-in-class ongoing legal services.

  • Industry-Leading Legal Representation for Franchise Brands
  • Fixed Fee or Project Based Services
  • Ongoing State Registrations, Filings, Renewals, and More

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Buy A Franchise

Buy a Franchise

Let us help protect you during the franchise purchasing process, from FDD disclosures to negotiated agreements.

  • Legal Representation From Start to Finish
  • Assessments and Agreement Executions
  • Negotiations and Strategy Planning

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