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Specialized Franchise Services

Legal, development, and franchise compliance services.

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Build a Thriving Franchise System!

FDD Registration

On-Time Services and Registration State Know-How for FDD Registrations and Renewals!

We’ll help you register your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and ensure that your franchise sales stay up and running.

  • On-time registrations and renewals
  • Proactive FDD updates
  • Quick turn-around
  • Registration tracking tools

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Franchise Your Business

Complete legal + franchise development services to franchise your business the right way!

  • Franchise Your Business
  • Legal + Franchise Development
  • Fixed Fee
  • 90 days

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Trademark Protection

Protect your trademarks and confidently grow your business!

  • Trademark Assessments and USPTO registration
  • Monitoring of Applications
  • Brand Ownership and Maintenance
  • Trademark protection for franchise brands

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Franchise Counsel Services

Fixed-fee, on-going legal, advisory, registration, and compliance services for franchisors.

  • Industry-leading legal representation for franchise brands
  • Fixed fee or flexible project based fees
  • Ongoing registrations, filings, renewals
  • Strategy, best practices, and winning community

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Buy a Franchise

Fixed-fee FDD review, franchise agreement preparation, and addendum preparation.

  • FDD review and legal representation from start to finish
  • Fixed-fee
  • Negotiations and Strategy Planning

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