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Franchise Your Business

Industry Leading Legal + Franchise Development Services

In this video, Charles N. Internicola goes through the legal steps of franchising your business including franchise compliance obligations, Franchise Disclos...

Franchise Your Business
the Right Way!


Do you want to take your business to the next level - open new locations, increase revenues, grow your brand, and changes lives?

Want to franchise your business or find out if franchising is right for you?

You’re in the right place! We’re the leading franchise law firm and development company in the country and our fixed-fee franchising services include an award-winning and nationally recognized combination of legal + franchise development services.

We provide everything you need to franchise your business the right way. Schedule a free franchise assessment. Reach our team by live chat, web contact, or call us at (800) 976-4904.

Read on to learn more about how to franchise your business, the cost, and how we can help!

Franchise Development

Our legal + franchise development team will lead the way in developing your building a baseline for exploring and evaluating your business model, brand assets, financial performance, trademarks, and overall team goals.

We'll get started with an immersive Brand Discovery and Launch Strategy Session with your team. This session includes a detailed presentation and action list of deliverables, clarity about the process, timeline, and what to expect as we build the foundation for a winning franchise system. We'll also discuss:

  • Competitive Brand Positioning
  • Brand Differentiators including systems, supply chain, technology, start-up expenses
  • Trademark Protection and Registration
  • Corporate Formation
  • Financial Review
  • Competitive Brand KPI's
  • Franchise Fee structure
  • Royalty structure
  • Multi-Unit development strategies
  • Territory structure
  • Introduction to CPA for audit
  • Operations Manual recommendations
  • Founder and team consulting on 5 year growth strategy

Legal Protection + FDD Development

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is the legal underpinnings for your franchise relationships and should be prepared by an experienced franchise law firm.

We specialize in preparing a best-in-class multi-state compliant FDD. Meaning, we ensure that your FDD and Franchise Agreement are ready for registration filings in all states (so you can sell ASAP!).

Our team is focused on delivering exceptional, legally protected and tested legal infrastructure with tools and resources so you are educated and confident in your FDD foundation. What you'll get:

  • Custom FDD and Franchise Agreement
  • All supporting agreements
  • Item 19 Financial Performance Representations
  • Trademark Registration
  • Registration and Filing
  • Walkthrough of first 2 franchise sales from end-to-end
  • Compliance Guide
  • Custom video walkthroughs of your FDD
  • First FDD Renewal included ($3,500 value)

Can a franchise consultant prepare your FDD? No. See our FAQ's below.

Growth Strategy & Ongoing Support

Our support doesn't stop at the FDD. What makes The Internicola Law Firm different is that we focus on a 5 year growth strategy to set franchisors up for success.

Once the development process is complete, we will represent you in your first two franchise sales. We do this as a learning process and show you the steps involved in disclosing your FDD and preparing your Franchise Agreements.

All Franchise Launch clients get free access to FranIQ through their first two sales. You'll also get access to our extra value services including:

  • Brand Story Masterclass
  • Franchise Growth Coach
  • FranIQ Franchise Compliance Dashboard
  • Compliance Training
  • Sales Strategy on Closing Deals
  • Broker Introductions
  • Growth Conference Invitations

Find out if franchising is right for you, how we can help, and how to get started. Call us at (800) 976-4904 or click the button below to schedule a free assessment!

Proven Process

Hundreds of franchise brands rely on us and getting started is simple!

Set up a call to speak with our team to go over our process, see if franchising is right for you, and ask any questions. If you feel like we're the right fit, we'll send over a detailed fixed fee proposal. After that, we'll get started right away.

Set up a kick off Brand Discovery and Strategy call where we take a deep dive into your brand, unit economics, KPI's, and growth goals. From there we develop a precise road map where we develop your franchise offering and cover everything including FDD development, establishing your legal agreements, forming your franchise company, protecting your trademarks, and more!

We'll also help you learn franchising. We'll provide you with access to our masterclasses, video overviews, compliance training, and everything you need to master franchising.

At the end of 90-120 days, you'll officially become a franchisor! We will register you in states that you plan to sell franchises in, provide you with video walkthroughs of your FDD and legal agreements, train you on franchise compliance, and be with you as you disclose your FDD and sign up your first franchisee.

Now that you're a franchisor, the hard work begins but we're there with you along the way. We'll completely walk you through your first franchise sale including setting up your electronic FDD Disclosures, providing you with your own custom dashboard, and so much more. Check out our post-launch services below.

Set Up A Call

Fixed-Fee, No Surprises

We believe in 100% transparency and 1,000% value.

The fixed-fee for our legal + franchise development services ranges from $18,500 to $34,000. Variation depends on your brand, industry, and internal support team. Following a complimentary assessment call / zoom, we’ll provide you with a detailed fixed-fee - no surprises - proposal that covers every step of the process. In most instances our quoted fixed-fee will be $18,500.

How Long Does it Take?

From our first development call to issuing your FDD, our timeline is generally 90-120 days. We understand the urgency you may have to start selling right away or if you want to take a slower approach. We believe in the value of a long-term relationship and want to be there when you celebrate your wins! After your FDD is issued, you can always contact our team for support and help.

Contact us at (800) 976-4904 or use the chat button to set up a call and receive a customized proposal that includes our franchisor support services.

Franchise the right way. Call us at (800) 976-4904 or click the button below to schedule a free assessment and receive our detailed proposal.

Trusted by 300+ Brands Nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Franchising involves a combination of legal and franchise development steps and strategies. Franchising a business requires the completion of the following steps and milestones:

  1. franchise assessment and strategy
  2. preparation of franchise disclosure document
  3. preparation of operations manual
  4. assessing, registering, and protecting trademarks
  5. establishing and structuring a new franchising corporate entity
  6. franchise disclosure document registration and state filings, and
  7. creating a franchise growth strategy and budget.

For more information, reach out to us.

Generally it takes between 90 to 120 days to franchise a business. At the end of this 90 to 120 day period your legal and franchise development team should have competitively assessed your brand, set a franchise growth strategy, formed your franchising corporate entity, evaluated your trademarks, filed for USPTO trademark protection, prepared and issued a federal and multi-state compliant FDD, filed for FDD registration, prepared your operations manual, and provide training to better understand what it means to be a franchisor, franchise compliance, how to sell franchises, and everything that comes next.

The cost to franchise your business ranges from $18,500 to $84,500. The advantage of our Franchise Launch Program is that we provide both legal + franchise development services at a completely fixed fee. For most brands our fixed fee is $18,500 and covers everything from franchise assessments, strategy sessions, establishing corporate structures, trademark protection, and the issuance of a competitively positioned and best practices driven FDD and franchise program.

Yes, you can franchise with just one location. Many successful franchise brands started with just one location. When evaluating franchising and whether or not you should franchise your business, quality is more important than quantity. Having multiple successful locations is a definite plus, but it's not mandatory. If you operate one location or one territory, what matters most are your unit level economics, your success, and what success can look like for your future franchisees.

Franchise consultants can assist with the franchise planning process. They can also help with the preparation of your franchise operations manual. However, franchise consultants cannot and should not prepare legal documents like your FDD. Within the franchise industry, you need to be careful about franchise consultants that claim to package and provide an "all in one" franchise development process including FDD development. What they are doing, wrongfully, is selling you a bunch of documents that are not legally built for you or your long-term interests.

Your FDD should be prepared by a franchise lawyer that works directly for you and that is directly paid by you. When you franchise your business everything you are building rests on the legal foundation of your FDD and Franchise Agreements. As you sell franchises and grow the strength and compliance of your FDD grows more and more important and must be prepared and backed by the right franchise legal team. Our firm works with over 300 franchise brands. We're also franchisors and we know what it takes to win at franchising. Our services include legal + franchise development.

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Post-Launch Representation

What happens after you launch?

Ongoing support, guidance, and representation

Our team is here to support you today, tomorrow, and throughout your journey in creating a compelling and winning franchise system.

The heart of our firm is our clients, supporting their growth, and providing strategic guidance and advice.

Over 300 franchise brands rely on our ongoing franchise representation. Through our fixed monthly fee Franchise Counsel Program, we provide ongoing and unlimited legal support, guidance, and representation, including:

  • Sending your FDD's
  • Preparing your franchise agreements
  • Maintaining your registrations
  • Annual updates
  • Vendor agreements
  • Franchisee relationship management
  • Item 19 enhancements
  • Strategic planning
  • Access to our networking events, accelerator masterclasses, and client masterminds.

Let’s talk about how we can help grow your brand.

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