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Trademark Registration and Protection

Fixed fee trademark services. Protect your brand the right way.

Charles Internicola, Esq. explains how to register your trademark and protect your business name and goes through the basics of trademark protection, why it'...

Protect Your Trademarks
and Business Name

Confidently Grow Your Business!

Your business name, logo, and even your slogan are how your customers identify and know you. It’s one of the reasons why they trust and refer you.

Your brand name and logo need to be protected from local and national competitors. Whether it’s someone using a business name so similar to yours that customers are confused, or someone across the country who has copied or stolen your brand-new logo, the only way to protect your trademarks is by registering them with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Registering your trademarks doesn't need to be complex or expensive, but it needs to be done the right way. Avoid the typical mistakes that online trademark registration services make. Mistakes that you you may not even learn about until months or even years later.

We'll assess, evaluate, and execute the right trademark registration and protection strategy for your business.

Our Process is Simple

Ready to protect your trademarks but don’t know where to start?

We’ll evaluate your trademarks and discuss a registration strategy. We’ll conduct a preliminary “knock-out” search to see if there are any conflicting marks.

Our team will prepare and file an application to register your trademarks with the USPTO. During this process, we’ll make sure your trademark is filed under the correct classes and that we’ve maximized the likelihood of obtaining final registration. Our team will keep you updated as your application goes through the registration process.

Once registered, your trademarks will be protected locally and nationally, so you can confidently continue to grow your business and maintain your competitive edge. Your trademark registration will also be an important asset if you ever franchise your business.

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What You’ll Get

  • No Surprises: Fixed Legal Fee
  • Review of your trademark by a legal team experienced in protecting trademarks and brands just like yours
  • Insight from our attorneys about modifications or adjustments that may be needed to protect your trademarks
  • Attorney preparation of your USPTO registration application
  • Attorney monitoring of your registration application
  • A team focused on communicating with you throughout the entire process

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most instances, assuming that you ultimately obtain registration for your trademark, your trademark protection begins on the date you file your application with the USPTO. That is, if you file your application on Monday and there are other users using identical or confusingly similar trademarks the following day, you will have superior rights to that second user.

If you are currently using the trademark for your business, you have what is commonly referred to as "common law rights". Although your common law rights provide some protection, they are very limited geographically and from a legal perspective.

The price depends on a number of variables such as (i) the number trademarks you file; (ii) the classes (categories of goods and services) that you want to protect; and (iii) whether you are currently using the mark in commerce or intend to use it at some point in the future.


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