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Franchise Counsel for Growing Brands

Ongoing legal services for franchise brands

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Where great founders build thriving franchise systems

  1. FDD Development, Enhancements, State Registrations, Filings, and Annual Renewals
  2. Item 19 Financial Performance Representations
  3. Same Day Franchise Agreement Turnaround
  4. Trademark Registration, Protection, and Maintenance

The Franchise Counsel Program is built for entrepreneurs franchisors ready to grow their system. Our ongoing legal services combine industry leading legal representation and franchise growth strategies with no surprise billing. Our proven process has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their franchise, continue to build their legacy, and change lives.

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Franchise Support, Registration & Compliance Goals

The Franchise Counsel Program is designed to combat the challenges that all growing franchisors face, all for a simple fixed fee.

We start with a deep dive into your current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and agreements to identify what can be killing deals and opportunities to enhance your compliance program.

Then we create a franchise roadmap that outlines key improvements to be made, plus so much more.

Leverage legal protection and franchise development best practices.

Understand core values, management team, goals, and franchise growth strategy.

Best in class FDD, KPI-driven Item 19 Financial Performance Representations, and on-time registrations, renewals, and close deals.

Strategic counseling, advice, and planning focused of 5 year growth strategy.

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Grow Your Business and Win at Franchising.

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No More "Going Dark" During the Franchise Sales Process

One of the most frustrating pain points for franchisors is having their sales "go dark". This happens when your FDD doesn't get registered or renewed in the state you're selling franchises in.

Although there are factors that are sometimes out of our control, we do everything possible to minimize the risk of this happening. How? We start the next year's renewal cycle in Q3 so we're always ahead. Some goals during our FDD Planning Process include:

  • Strategy sessions
  • Modeling out Item 19 and review data collection
  • Ongoing registrations and renewals
  • Communications with accountant
  • Franchisee compliance
  • Management team discussions and goals
  • FDD enhancements and updates
  • So much more

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Deal Flow & Franchise Agreement Process

Our streamlined process and automated technology allows our franchisor clients to easily request FDD disclosures and franchise agreements with the click of a button.

Internicola Deal Flow
  1. Prospective Franchisee FDD Request
  2. Internicola Review and Automated FDD Disclosure
  3. Receipt Confirmation and Compliance Library

Fixed Fee Services

  1. Perfect for franchisors with 0-150 locations
  2. Dedicated Brand Manager & Compliance Director
  3. Fixed monthly fee, no hidden costs
  4. Sell franchises with a legal team supporting you

Our Franchise Counsel Program is an all-inclusive program that covers legal services, including:

  • FDD State Registrations, Filings, and Renewals
  • Ongoing FDD Maintenance, Refinement, and Modifications
  • Annual FDD Updates
  • Franchise Agreement Preparation and Negotiations
  • Item 19 Financial Performance Representations
  • Trademark Registration, Maintenance, and Protection
  • Business Transactions
  • Franchise Sales Compliance
  • Implement and Monitor Franchisee Compliance Records
  • Coordination with Other Legal Counsel and Accounting Professionals
  • Convert Your License to a Franchise
  • Advisor Counseling and Continued Education
  • Competitive Structuring
  • And so much more…

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