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Franchise Counsel for Growing Brands

On-going legal, advisory, and franchise compliance for franchisors

For some franchise brands the legal process can be frustrating. You spend tons of money, time, planning, and effort to attract, recruit, and on-board new fra...

Legal Services that Support
Your Growth Strategy!

Are you looking for legal solutions that improve deal-flow, reduce franchise agreement friction and turn-around time, avoid FDD registration delays and dark periods, and will keep your FDD, Item 19, and growth strategy ahead of the competition?

Are you looking for a dedicated team that understands what it means to be a franchisor and has built the services, know-how, and systems, to legally protect your brand and provide on-time communications and results for all of your franchise compliance needs?

Our fixed-fee Franchise Counsel Services may be the perfect fit.

Our monthly fixed-fee Franchise Counsel Services replace reactive lawyer relationships with pro-active always-on legal representation and advisory services that will keep you brand steps ahead. No more last minute FDD updates, rushed Item 19 improvements, delayed communications, or deals that take too long.

Let's Discuss your brand, growth goals, and how we can help. Reach us by web contact, or give us a call at (800) 976-4904.

Franchise Compliance +

The legal support you need,
when you need it!

Our Franchise Counsel Services are built around your brand, team, and growth strategy. Our legal and compliance services are provided on a monthly fixed fee basis. Gone is the reactive hourly billing relationship and, in its place, is process and strategy driven legal representation thats always planning a step ahead and within budget!

Your FDD shouldn't be a rushed legal project every renewal season. We work with our clients throughout the year to model and develop FDD enhancements and improvements for the next year. No more last minute FDD updates and registrations. No more after-thought Item 19's that are only just good enough!

We understand the frustration and friction that so many franchisors needlessly experience when it comes time to close deals. That's why we put the processes and the team in place to make sure we turn around franchise agreement addendums and agreements the same day - within 24 hours. No more unproductive attorney communications or wasted time.

Item 19 Financial Performance Representations are foundational to a great franchise system. We deliver compelling Item 19's that tell a financial story and that provide candidates and brokers with drill-down KPI's and data that create a competitive edge. Your Item 19 shouldn't be a last minute project in January or February.

Our fixed monthly fee covers everything. No surprises, no reactive billing, just open communication, planning, and results. We'll customize a detailed proposal and fixed fee built around your system and level of support thats right for you! Get a quote.

Our Franchise Counsel services include trademark registrations and maintenance, vendor agreements, and transactional legal services related to franchisee compliance. We've also developed technology tools including FDD registration dashboards that provide you with instant access to the status of your FDD's and filings. Plus more!

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Automated Deal Flow and Process

Our streamlined process and automated technology allows our franchisor clients to easily request FDD disclosures and franchise agreements with the click of a button.

Internicola Deal Flow
  1. Prospective Franchisee FDD Request
  2. Internicola Review and Automated FDD Disclosure
  3. Receipt Confirmation and Compliance Library

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