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FDD Registrations, Renewals and Filings

On-going legal services for on-time FDD registrations and renewals

For some franchise brands the legal process can be frustrating. You spend tons of money, time, planning, and effort to attract, recruit, and on-board new fra...

Keep Your Team Selling Franchises!

On-Time Services and Registration State Know-How for FDD Registrations and Renewals!

There's nothing more frustrating than delayed registrations, dark periods, delayed franchise sales, and lost opportunities. FDD registrations and renewals take time but many delays are avoidable. Poor planning, delayed FDD updates, and reactive compliance services add time to the delays. Our FDD registration and renewal services are driven by communication, planning, and keeping your brand a step ahead in the registration process.

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A Step-Ahead

Proactive FDD Planning, Updates and Registrations!

FDD registrations and renewals shouldn't be an after-thought or a rushed last-minute process every renewal season. We plan our our client registrations and renewals, coordinate with your accounting team, check with your development team, and have FDD updated and ready to file as early as possible. From there we track and actively communicate with your team.

In addition to improving your FDD, our updates are focused on state specific requirements, state addendums, and preemptively addressing and avoiding comments that we know state regulators will be focused on. The fewer the comments the quicker the registration.

We track and manage all state responses through our internal registration management systems. We immediately respond to comment letters, resolve bonding and financial assurance requirements, and work with state-examiners as early and as often as possible.

It's critical that your team always know the status of your registrations and where they can sell. That's why, in addition to assigning a dedicated compliance team member (ready to respond) for each of our clients we also provide our clients with a digital dashboard that's available 24/7 for your team to easily access and know your status in each state.

Find out how our fixed-fee services can streamline your registrations and renewals!

Best Practices!

In addition to our client registration tracking and status tools, access our ...

We can help you timely and cost-effectively register your FDD and keep your franchise sales up & running.

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