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Missouri Franchise Law and FDD Registration

Missouri is not a franchise registration state and there is no FDD registration fee.

Missouri Franchise Law

Missouri does not have any franchise registration laws; nor does it have a business opportunity law in place. Missouri is considered a non-registration state and franchisors are not required to file or register with the state in order to offer or sell franchises within Missouri.

Federal Requirements Need to be Satisfied When Franchising in Missouri

While there are no requirements that need to be satisfied at the state level in Missouri, it is important to make sure your franchise is following the legal requirements in place at a federal level. Federal franchise laws are put in place by the Federal Trade Commission and require that franchisors provide buyers (franchisees) with a Franchise Disclosure Document. The Franchise Disclosure Document, also known as an FDD, is a legal document that discloses information about the franchise and must be disclosed at a minimum of 14 days prior to the time of sale.

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