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New Hampshire Franchise Law and FDD Registration

New Hampshire is not a franchise registration state and there is no FDD registration fee.

New Hampshire Franchise Law

New Hampshire is a non-registration state. Due to it being a non-registration state there are no franchise registration requirements or regulations at a state level. However, it is important to keep in mind there are federal franchise laws that are still applicable when franchising in New Hampshire or any other state.

At a federal level, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible franchise registration laws dealing with the offering and selling of franchises. One of the requirements franchisors should be aware of at a federal level is that a franchisor must wait at least 14 days after they have disclosed someone with their franchise disclosure document (FDD) before they can finalize the sale of the franchise. This is just one of the franchise requirements found at a federal level.

Franchise Disclosure Document

An FDD is a mandatory requirement if you plan on offering and selling franchise locations. This document contains extensive information about the franchise business, its owners, franchise fees, royalties and much more. It is important to make sure the information contained in this document is accurate.

Our firm assists with franchise disclosure documents, franchise registration and franchise compliance at state and federal levels through our Franchise Compliance Program.

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