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How to Build & Deploy a Winning Franchise Brand Story

A FRANX Masterclass that will Transform Your Brand and Ignite Franchise Sales

Tell Your Story, Build a Compelling Franchise Brand, Outmaneuver the Competition

So many franchisors launch their FDD and enter the franchise world without the right brand positioning.

It's generic, sounds like everyone else and lacks a genuine why you, why now.

Then... you go to market to sell... But no one is interested.

You have your FDD, but brokers aren't interested in selling your franchise. Why? There is no clarity in your brand. The value you deliver is confusing. You spend time and money wasted on unconverted and unqualified leads. And brokers are not compelled or see a unique value in your franchise.

Then you get frustrated and you feel like franchising doesn't work. Years pass, and you haven't advanced your brand story and brand positioning. And that's why we created this Masterclass.

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Opportunity: What You Offer to Franchisees

Great franchise opportunities achieve a balance between start-up costs, financial performance, franchisee problem solving, and setting expectations for franchisees that are the right fit for your system.

The opportunity that you offer must be directed and focused on your perfect avatar franchisees and must be backed up by the data in your Item 19, Item 20, and franchisee validation. In this section, we explore your opportunity assets and narrative, including:

  • Startup expenses
  • Income potential
  • Validation
  • Your perfect franchisees

Pulling It All Together: Why You/Why Now?

This Masterclass will help you connect all of the dots between the purpose of your brand, the opportunity that you offer, and the transformation that your franchisees experience.

This will allow you to genuinely answer the two most important questions that you should be answering for franchisee candidates: Why Us? Why Now?

  • Develop your Why You / Why Now
  • How to include your brand story to your franchise sales website
  • Define how your brand will transform the lives of your franchisees

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