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The Internicola Law Firm, P.C. Media Appearances

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Drawing on his experiences as an entrepreneur, a business owner and an accomplished business and franchise lawyer, Charles N. Internicola is frequently sought out by local and national media outlets regarding issues of entrepreneurship, business and franchise law. A strong advocate of entrepreneurship, small business and the franchising business model, Mr. Internicola frequently lectures on these topics and he is the author of various books and articles.

Mr. Internicola and the entire team at The Internicola Law Firm, P.C. are honored to be featured in various news stories, articles, and interviews over the years. Below are some of our appearances in radio, print, and online media.

As Featured In:

Entrepreneur: 2021 Top Franchise Suppliers

The Internicola Law Firm was named one of Entrepreneur's Top Franchise Suppliers in 2021 Click here to read.

FranX | Franchise Growth Mastermind: The Great Return Franchise Summit

The Great Return Franchise Summit was the first

Entrepreneur: 2020 Top Franchise Suppliers

The Internicola Law Firm was named one of Entrepreneur's Top Franchise Suppliers in 2020.

Entrepreneur: 2019 Top Franchise Suppliers

The Internicola Law Firm was named one of Entrepreneur's Top Franchise Suppliers in 2019. Click here to read.

1851 Franchise Magazine: "Founder to Know: Charles Internicola, Internicola Law Firm"

ECOMAIDS owner and all-around franchise guru Internicola talks about his vision for the future of franchising. Click here to read.

Franchise Times: "Naming Your 'Bundle of Joy' Isn't Easy"

Mr. Internicola weighs in on the important legal issues business owners need to consider when selecting a brand name for their franchise. As Mr. Internicola points out, developing the right brand and trade name requires an evaluation of both business and legal factors. Click here to read the insightful feature.

Bloomberg Business: Unions Team Up with Fast Food Owners

Mr. Internicola discusses the impact of proposed franchise legislation in the State of California and the potential impact that this legislation may have on the franchisor/franchisee relationship. Click here to read.

San Francisco Chronicle: "Bill Would Give Franchisees More Leverage"

In this San Francisco Chronicle article about proposed franchise relationship legislation, Mr. Internicola explains the legislation and the consequences it may have in altering the legal relationship between franchisors and franchisees. Click here to read.

Bank of America Small Business Community: Franchising Series – 11 Must Use Online Resources

A favorite within the business community the Bank of America Small Business Community named Mr. Internicola's franchise law blog as one of the "11 Must Use Online Resources. Mr. Internicola's articles and his blog are described as "...much more detailed than your typical franchise blog fare, delving into different franchise issues like encroachment, promotion and marketing, and intellectual property rights of entrepreneurs, to name a few." Mr. Internicola's blog about entrepreneurship and franchise law has since been relocated. Click here to go to the blog.

Wall Street Journal Radio Network: Appearance on the Edward Woodson Show

Mr. Internicola was a guest on the Edward Woodson show on Biz Radio 880, part of the Wall Street Journal Radio Network. During the interview Mr. Internicola discussed issues involving entrepreneurship, franchising and business expansion. Click here to listen to the radio interview.

The Internicola Law Firm Featured in 1851 Franchise Magazine as 'The Next Great Thing in Suppliers'

Today, Internicola Law Firm works with around 30 brands across the country. With a deep understanding of the growing pains that franchisors generally go through, Internicola Law Firm has emerged as one of the industry's top suppliers helping to take entrepreneurs and their businesses to the next level. Click here to read. "Choosing the Right Lawyer is Crucial to Success"

When asked about the attorney client relationship and what business owners should be looking for in an attorney, Mr. Internicola gives some very practical advice and it is all about "value." That is, how can a lawyer or law firm add value to your business? In this article Mr. Internicola discusses the value proposition that business owners should expect from their law firm. Click here to read the article. "Consider Expansion through Franchising"

A frequent topic that comes up and that every successful business owner considers is "what's next?" That is, what is next in the expansion and growth of your business and how do you get to the next level? Well, for some, franchising is the answer and in this feature article authored by Mr. Internicola himself, he lays out a detailed guide for successfully franchising a HVARC business. Click here to read.

Intuit Quickbooks: "Expert Advice: Are You Ready to Franchise Your Business"

When the small business experts at Intuit wanted to discuss franchising and provide their readers with information about franchising, they turned to Mr. Internicola for his expert advice. In this article, Mr. Internicola offers insights as to what a successful small business owner should consider when evaluating franchising and whether or not his or her business is ready for franchising. Click here to read the interview.

Westchester Magazine: "Benefits and Burdens of Owning a Franchise"

For those considering the purchase of a franchise, a significant portion of the due diligence process relates to the franchisor's disclosures in the FDD. In this Westchester Magazine article Mr. Internicola weighs in on the role of the FDD and some data that prospective franchisees should be evaluating. Click here to read.

U.S. Small Business Administration: "Franchise Lawyers: When To Use One"

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) combined with the franchise agreement (contract) can be a challenge to read, especially since a lot of the verbiage is in legalese. Mr. Internicola is brought up in regards to franchise contract negotiability.

Fast Casual: "Restaurateurs Speak Out Against NLRB Ruling"

Operating a franchise may have become more difficult thanks to a ruling by The National Labor Relations Board, which made it easier for workers to unionize under the larger parent company. Click here to read.

24/7 Wall St: "Restaurant Group Criticizes NLRB Ruling"

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling that a company is a "joint employer" along with its contractors has caused a storm of concern in at least one industry that is heavily populated with franchisors and franchisees. Click here to read.

SUCCESS Magazine: A Law Firm Uses SUCCESS FOR TEENS to Promote Entrepreneurship

Mr. Internicola firmly believes that entrepreneurs are the backbone of our nation. To help the next generation of business owners get going, The Internicola Law Firm, P.C. launched the Franchisee University Young Entrepreneur Scholarship. High school students from across the New York metro area who plan on attending college or establishing their own business after graduation were eligible to enter. The inaugural $500 scholarship was won by 16 year old Bronx student Mbalu Fofana. Mr. Internicola plans to expand the scholarship beyond New York to students nationwide. Click here to read.

Franchise Direct: What Happens When a Franchise Relationship is Over?

To explore what happens when the franchise relationship is over, we turned to Charles Internicola, the managing partner and founder of The Internicola Law Firm, for some details. The Internicola Law Firm works with and guides clients at every stage of the business development cycle, including franchise expansion. Charles serves as outside and general counsel to a number of franchise, manufacturing and service based businesses throughout the nation. Click here to read.

1851 Franchise Magazine: The Five Best Suppliers for Emerging Franchisors

As many of our readers know, being a franchisor is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of investment. Franchisors must establish a solid business model to set up each of their franchisees for success, and having the right suppliers is key.

These five suppliers will provide high quality services for emerging franchisors to take their business to the next level. Click here to read.

Entrepreneur: “What Franchises Should Look for in a Law Firm”

Your franchise lawyer should be focused on moving your business dreams forward—not racking up billing hours! This article, published in the March 2019 issue of Entrepreneur magazine, features an interview with Jason Mazzarone, founder and CEO of SoBol—one of our kick-ass entrepreneurs. He says, “Internicola challenges us, has guided us on business practices, and helps our communication with our franchisees.” Click here to read.

1851 Franchise Magazine: FDDs for Beginners: Leading Franchise Attorney Gives Top Tips for Franchisees Comparing Their First Franchise Disclosure Documents

We’ve said this countless times: before you ever sign a franchise agreement, you need to do a lot of groundwork to make sure this opportunity is the right one for you…and that you understand all the items in the Franchise Disclosure Document. Top NYC attorney Charles Internicola told the readers of 1851 Franchise Magazine which FDD items they couldn’t afford to pass over lightly.

These tips will help new franchisees compare FDDs, but remember: “At a deeper level, your franchise lawyer should be able to assess the quality of the FDD and whether or not one brand has omitted information that should have been disclosed to you.” Click here to read.

Newsday: Manufacturing for private-label brands offers path to growth

Private-label brands are gaining ground in the U.S. marketplace, and small businesses are jumping on the chance to carry these products! Charles Internicola was quoted in this article by Jamie Herzlich, giving his advice for small businesses who wanted to go this route. “Private label is a vehicle that could help a small business get big and achieve accelerated sales growth,” Charles said, but reminded readers that it’s important to make sure private-label manufacturing is the right fit, and that the third party retailer/seller agreement isn’t too restrictive.

“You also want a deal to protect your intellectual property, such as patents, and to safeguard your business with an indemnification clause for any liability if, for example, a consumer files a lawsuit.” Click here to read.

Franchise Marketing Radio: Charles Internicola with The Internicola Law Firm

Any decision involving your business can be a daunting one, and having an expert consultant on your side can be an invaluable resource. Charles Internicola and his team at The Internicola Law Firm serve as legal counsel for a number of businesses throughout the country, guiding them through mergers, expansions, and everything in between. Click here to listen.


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