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A Blog All About the Expansion and Protection of Your Business and Business Interests

The Internicola Law Firm Blog is all about the expansion, protection and improvement of your business and business interests. In this popular publication Charles N. Internicola, Esq. and the attorneys at The Internicola Law Firm discuss important issues involving:

What Stage do you Need to be at to Franchise Your Business

Your business is growing, cash flow is good, and you know there’s opportunity for expansion. You may be thinking about franchising your business. You want to know if you’re ready and what stage your business needs to be at to franchise. To be franchise ready you need to have the right numbers, founder mindset, and…

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Biggest Mistakes After you Franchise Your Business

After years of success…you focus your passion and energy on franchising your business… You hire a franchise lawyer and development team, you work on your FDD, systems, and Operations Manual. Within a few months you launch your new franchise, enter the franchise world, and are ready to grow your brand. So what happens next? For…

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Is Licensing an Alternative to Franchising Your Business?

If you’re looking to grow your business, expand the reach of your brand, and recruit qualified individuals to invest capital and open new locations and service territories, then licensing is not an alternative to franchising.  Here’s the reason why! Why licensing is not an alternative to franchising Because the franchise laws broadly define the types…

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Franchising vs Business Opportunity

Franchises and business opportunities are a part of the same family, both are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, both are regulated by state specific laws, and both require a pre-sales disclosure process. The difference between a franchise and a business opportunity is that in a franchise transaction the franchisor possesses the legal right to…

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Why You Shouldn’t Franchise Your Business?

Frequently we talk about how to franchise your business, should you franchise, and the cost to franchise but, not enough attention is given to why you shouldn’t franchise.  So, let’s discuss 3 reasons why you shouldn’t franchise your business. Reason #1 – You Don’t Have the Time To Devote to Building a Franchise System No…

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Poker Strategies and Strategic Planning for Franchisors

During a Franchise Growth Mastermind conversation with professional poker player and motivational speaker Annie Duke, Annie shares with us and Nick Powills of 1851 Franchise strategic planning and decision making strategies for franchisors, franchisees, and entrepreneurs. Annie shares the following advice: Understand that We Have Less Control Than We Think At a fundamental level as…

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You Probably Need a Franchise Lawyer

“I should probably talk to a lawyer.” In most cases, a millisecond before or after you have to say that, your brain produces a mini-series inside your head consisting of an intense courtroom scene featuring you sitting uncomfortably in the defendants seat-waiting for the verdict to be read. Right? But there is no verdict. Not…

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Franchise Sales and Franchise Development Post COVID-19

During a Franchise Growth Mastermind leadership conversation with Nick Powills, of 1851 Franchise, Joe Matthews of Franchise Performance Group, and Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness, we discussed franchise leadership, development and sales – both today and in the future as our nation builds and recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The strategies, ideas, and advice…

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Franchising Your Restaurant


If you are considering franchising your restaurant – depending if you are reading this article during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic or, more likely, as we ease out of and recover from this pandemic – the restaurant industry, the franchise industry, small business, and the world has changed. Health, safety, families and our nation are naturally…

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Franchising Your Business After the Coronavirus Pandemic


For many years I have written about franchising and  how to franchise your business but I never imagined that I would be writing an article about franchising and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. If you were or are considering franchising your business then you are probably questioning what impact this pandemic has had and will have…

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