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Indiana Franchise Law and FDD Registration

Indiana is a Franchise Registration State. The initial fee is $500 and the annual fee is $250.

Indiana Franchise Laws

Indiana Franchise Law and Registration

Indiana is a franchise registration state. Under Indiana’s Franchise Act, before you offer or sell a franchise in Indiana, you must file and register your FDD with the Securities Division of the Indiana Secretary of State. The initial FDD registration fee is $500 and the annual renewal fee is $250. Registration lasts for one year and requires annual renewal within 120 days of the end of your fiscal year.

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Indiana Franchise and FDD Registration FAQs

Who Regulates Franchises in Indiana?

The Securities Division of the Indiana Secretary of State regulates and oversees FDD registrations and enforcement of Indiana’s Franchise Act. The Securities Division also oversees franchise complaints and enforcement of franchise regulations.

What Should I Include with My Initial Franchise Registration Application?

The initial franchise registration application should include:

  • Initial registration filing fee of $500 payable to "Indiana Securities Division";

  • Uniform Franchise Registration Application;

  • Consent to Service of Process;

  • Franchise Disclosure Document submitted on CD-ROM (the Division does not accept printed FDDs – electronic format only); and

  • Franchise Seller Disclosure Forms submitted on CD-ROM.

Where Are FDD Registration and Renewal Applications Filed?

Applications for initial FDD registration and annual renewal are filed with the Indiana Secretary of State, at:

Securities Division
302 West Washington Street, Room E-111
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Their telephone number is (317) 232-6681.

What Are the Fees for Franchise Registration Applications in Indiana?

The initial registration fee is $500 and the annual renewal fee is $250.

When Must I Renew My Indiana FDD Registration?

No less frequently than annually and not later than within 120 days of the end of your fiscal year.

What Are the Indiana Franchise Laws?

Indiana’s franchise laws are comprised of the Indiana Franchise Act and the Indiana Deceptive Franchise Practices Act. The Indiana Franchise Act relates primarily to FDD disclosure and registration requirements, while the Indiana Deceptive Franchise Practices Act is a series of franchise relationship laws that govern the relationship between franchisor and franchisee.

Has Indiana Enacted Franchise Relationship Laws?

Yes. The Indiana Deceptive Franchise Practices Act is a franchise relationship law that affords supplemental statutory rights to Indiana franchisees. Among other things, the Indiana Deceptive Franchise Practices Act:

  • Regulates Indiana franchise agreements and prohibits certain agreement provisions related to the franchisor-franchisee relationship;

  • Regulates franchisor-franchisee relations and prohibits franchisors from engaging in certain acts and practices involving, among other things, the supply of goods and services, vendor relationships, discrimination among franchisees, franchisee rights, and vendor rebates; and

  • Requires that franchisors provide franchisees with a 90-day notice of termination or non-renewal.

The Indiana Deceptive Franchise Practices Act provides details as to the specific franchise agreement provisions and the specific franchisor activities that are prohibited. Click here to review the text of the Act.

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