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Specialized Business and Franchise Law Services

Franchising Your Business

Internicola Law Firm For successful business owners, franchising represents an opportunity to expand and improve your business. By "franchising your business" you will be leveraging the business assets that you have already built - your brand, business systems and know how - and monetizing these assets through a franchise system that will grant franchisees the right to duplicate and expand your business. Through our "National Franchise Launch Program", Charles N. Internicola and the attorneys at The Internicola Law Firm, assist business owners throughout the United States in converting their businesses into successful franchise systems. Learn More.

Buy a Franchise

Buying a franchise is a significant event that presents many prospects as to your future and, in many instances, the business and career path that you will be undertaking for many years to come. So, what steps can you take right now "before you sign a franchise agreement"? Well the answer is due diligence, FDD review and franchise agreement negotiation. National franchise lawyer Charles N. Internicola, Esq. provides his franchisee clients with a step-by-step process for the review, evaluation and negotiation franchise agreements. Find out about the value that Mr. Internicola can add to your franchise investment and decision. Learn More.

Partnership Disputes

If you are a New York or New Jersey business owner faced with a partnership dispute (or a "brewing" dispute) involving your rights as a minority shareholder, non-controlling shareholder, equal partner or a controlling shareholder, it is time to understand your legal rights and a proven course of action available to you. Mr. Internicola, Esq. is the author of "The New York and New Jersey Partnership Dispute Guide" and he has successfully represented the partnership and business interests of his clients in Courts throughout the States of New York and New Jersey. Learn More.

Business Transactions

In New York and New Jersey, properly prepared business agreements by an experienced New York and New Jersey business and franchise lawyer are critical for a successful transaction. Business contracts, such as business purchase agreements, business sale agreements, franchise agreements, license agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and non-compete agreements require the skill of an experienced New York and New Jersey business and franchise attorney such as Charles N. Internicola, Esq. who can be reached at (800) 976 4904.

Business Litigation

Authority for Business Litigation

In New York and New Jersey the unfortunate reality of business and partnerships is that lawsuits and litigation are all too common. In many cases lawsuits result from poorly drafted partnership agreements, franchise agreements and business contracts. Sometime litigation is the result of unfair business practices such as trademark infringement and breach of contract and non-compete agreements. If you are faced with a business dispute, New York and New Jersey business lawyer, Charles N. Internicola, can help. Contact Mr. Internicola at (800) 976 4904.

Licensing and Distribution

Business development and expansion requires relationships with suppliers, distributors and, in certain instances, licensing and private label agreements. At the Internicola Law Firm, PC for both service based businesses and product based businesses, we have developed extensive representation programs and day-to-day counseling respecting the development and implementation of licensing, distribution and private label relationships.

Intellectual Property

Trademark and Intellectual Property services providing for trademark review and evaluation, trademark services, trademark registration and litigation services involving protection of intellectual property assets including trademarks, trade dress, design patents and trade secrets.

Confidentiality & Non-Compete

In New York and New Jersey Mr. Internicola, Esq. represents individuals and businesses in litigation involving non-compete agreements and covenants. Non-Compete agreements are enforceable, but do require scrutiny and, depending on your position (i.e., as the party attempting to enforce or the party defending against), require a carefully planned litigation strategy.

Legal Counsel

The General Counsel Protection Program is a monthly subscription based, fixed-fee program that is customized to meet the needs of each of our clients based on their size, stage of development, industry, and specific business goals.

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