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For The Expansion and Protection of Your Business

Specialized Business and Franchise Law Services

Franchising Your Business

Turn your business into a franchise and grow your brand by building a best in class franchise system. Through our legal and franchise development services, we’ll lead you every step of the way, teach your franchising, and implement a franchise program that is built to win. Learn More.

Grow Your Franchise

Accelerate and protect the growth of your brand through FDD Development, FDD registration, and franchise compliance representation and planning that will keep you ahead of the competition and selling franchises. Our team becomes a part of your team and were there to support the growth of your brand. Learn More.

FDD Registration

Stay ahead of FDD registrations and renewals. We’ll plan out your registration and renewal strategy and ensure that your stay current and ready to sell franchises. Learn More.

Buy a Franchise

Get inside information and guidance before you buy a franchise. We’ll give you the inside track for understanding franchising, red flags that may exist in the FDD and negotiate protections into your franchise agreement. Learn More.

Trademarks Protection

Protect your trademarks and brand through our USPTO registration services, trademark monitoring and intellectual property protection strategies and advice. Learn More.

Lease Reviews

Negotiate the right lease and protections into your lease agreement. Our services include lease reviews and the negotiation and structuring of a lease agreement that will benefit your business, limit your liability, and avoid pitfalls. Learn More.

Business Transactions

Expand and protect you business through legal representation built around your business. Our representation in business transactions will allow you to leverage our experience in representing brands just like yours. Learn More.

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