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Home Register Your Trademarks What are the Benefits of the International Trademark Registration Process?

Ever since the United States put the Madrid Protocol into effect in 2003, international trademark registration has become easier for US business owners. Now, by simply filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a trademark can be internationally protected in 75 countries throughout the world.

The benefits of the international trademark registration process include simplicity and fewer fees. Now, the process requires only one application to protect a trademark internationally. And one application means just one application fee. And with one office in charge of notifications and renewals, international trademark registration is easier than ever before. Through the USPTO, trademark recipients can submit applications, changes of address or ownership, receive official notifications, and handle all matters pertaining to their intellectual property.

Anyone who does business outside of the US should consider international trademark registration. This will prevent other businesses from using your words, mottos, logos, sounds, or other devices that identify your business. But before registering, you should check to see if any other business has registered a similar trademark. You can do so by conducting a search through the USPTO website.

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