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Home Webinars Positioning Your Brand to Win at Franchise Sales

In this webinar, Charles Internicola and Laura Meyer, founder of Joybrand Creative, talk about how to position your brand to win at franchise sales.

Some topics include:

  • How franchisors can develop their brand strategy
  • How to differentiate your brand strategy between your targeted end-user customers and prospective franchisees for franchise sales
  • How to create a compelling brand strategy
  • How to checklist to know if your brand is on track or off track with your messaging
  • How to develop compelling content to drive franchise sales both short and long term
  • How emerging brands should use their marketing dollars for franchise development
  • Secrets to developing copy to help smaller brands differentiate themselves and create a unique brand proposition for prospective franchisees
  • Real examples of brands who are getting it right

Click here to download the deck

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