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How Scoop Soldiers is Clearing the Way for Entrepreneurs

"I would absolutely say becoming a Scoop Soldiers' franchisee changed my life." - Heather Phillips, Scoop Soldiers FranchiseeWhat could be more gratifying th...

Scoop Soldiers Franchise

The Scoop Soldiers franchise brand is committed to creating a cleaner path to success for franchisees and veterans – one scoop at a time.

Founded in 2010, Scoop Soldiers has been on a mission to improve lives and communities for nearly a decade and a half.

With an emphasis on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction while making its clients’ lives easier (and cleaner), the pet waste removal company first left its mark on the industry in 2014, when it expanded throughout the Dallas Fort Worth region.

Since then, under the leadership of CEO EJ McCoy, the franchise system has scaled into more than 100 territories across Texas and states as far-ranging as Washington, Colorado, Florida, Virginia and more.

Today, the franchise brand operates in 16 states from coast to coast, with multiple territories in many of those locations. With 59 new territories awarded in 2023 – all slated to be operational by April 2024 – and more still available across the nation, Scoop Soldiers’ growth and success are a testament to the brand’s values, ambition and know-how in the competitive world of franchising.

Leaving things better than they found them

To set themselves apart from the competition, Scoop Soldiers offers residential and commercial pet waste removal services to clients including private homeowners, pet-friendly businesses, apartment complexes, hotels and more.

Boasting a contract-free business model with competitive rates and packages designed to meet every customer’s needs, ranging from a one-time pet waste removal service to multi-day visits to properties throughout the week, the brand strives to guarantee client satisfaction in everything it does – and its growth shows that model is working.

Beyond improving the lives of its customers, Scoop Soldiers is also committed to improving the communities it serves. As part of that mission, the brand partners with Valor Service Dogs, a Florida-based nonprofit organization that trains and provides mobility assistance and PTSD service dogs to post-9/11 wounded first responders and veterans.

Maintaining legal compliance in a regulated industry

Despite Scoop Soldiers’ growth and success, operating a franchise system requires careful legal work behind the scenes to avoid running afoul of regulators.

To keep the brand’s franchising efforts in line with federal and state franchise laws and regulations, Scoop Soldiers works with The Internicola Law Firm on franchise compliance and franchise agreement transactions – something that ensures the brand can keep growing and thriving as it continues to mature.

“Working with this team is an absolute breeze. We had a huge project they helped us on (in) the last four weeks: 45-plus deals in just a few weeks; over 1,000 pages of documents. And they knocked it out like pros. I highly recommend Charles (Internicola) and his team,” McCoy says.

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