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How to Build a Great Franchise Logo & Brand with Dan Antonelli

Key strategies for developing the right logo & trade dress to drive franchise growth with branding and design expert Dan Antonelli. Dan is the author of ‘Building a Big Small Business Brand’ and is the creative director of the branding firm KickCharge Creative.

Learn how to drive franchise growth and key strategies for developing the right logo & trade dress. Watch franchise attorney Charles Internicola and branding expert Dan Antonelli during the “How to Build a Great Franchise Logo & Brand” webinar above.

Some topics include:

  • What does it really mean to build a brand?
  • What makes for a great logo, trade dress, slogan, vehicle wrap, etc.?
  • Biggest mistakes businesses are making with their branding
  • What you can evaluate today about your brand
  • How to rebrand
  • How culture of a franchise system is influenced by branding
  • Next steps to take

Learn how to use your brand to your advantage and drive growth for your business or franchise system.

Questions about how to build a great franchise brand? Contact us here and we’ll be glad to speak.

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